Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Revamping a vintage family heirloom dinette: Chalk Painting AntiquingFurniture

I had originally started this post, to share my transformation (of yes, my SECOND dining set and buffet), but then life/etc got in the way and this post just sat here. Well I'm going to finish it today, seeing as I added even more! :D

So, originally, I had transformed this set:

Which you can read about HERE.

And just when life was peachy keen, my mother in law made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

They have had this set FOR-FREAKIN-EVER, since before my husband was born, and knowing her (OCD in the best way), it was in amazing shape. I mean, not a single flaw. Even had the cover for it, which if you know her, all you're thinking is "Of course she did."

And for the grand price of FREE, how could I not?

Such gorgeous details:

Quite honestly, I could have just recovered the chairs and it would have been amazing... but I REALLY love the french provincial farm-table look. With each step I felt so guilty: but I painted it. And sanded it. And stripped it, and stained it. And sealed it. And recovered it with $40/yard velvet fabric (that I got for $8!/yard on sale). I also bought an indoor/outdoor rug from Target... Wanna make a cheap/dramatic change in your dining room? Buy one of these puppies. The wrinkles were out in about a week, I can sweep it (thank the HEAVENS with my toddler who is very much into experiencing her food while she eats it.) And once a week I vacuum it on a low setting.

That velvet... <3

Which brings me to my "addition" to this project. As you can see, this sewing space I created in my room for my sewing business, NEEDED more storage. So when I encountered this little hutch at a yard sale, I grabbed it, painted it, spray painted the backing and slapped it up on my desk because I was TOO BUSY at the time to really care about how it looked. It was decent, it worked, that was that.

As you can see, it was a catch all for ALL my sewing notions/books/pattern/ETC. 

However, I decided to really limit my store in order to have more time for other engagements with my children/husband. Because of this, I took apart my bedroom office and regained my sanity. However, I made plans for that hutch.

I have always wanted a china hutch, but with the gifted set I now had, I was going to have to try to get something to match it or make it myself. I decided to do both, I'd make this ugly hutch pretty enough to join that set.

So I immediately yanked off and sawed off anything that was remotely hideous. As seen here:

Actually, my wonderful husband sawed the wavy top because, well, I'm terrified of circular saws.

But then I slapped a coat of chalk paint (or 3 or 4) and it was already looking so much better:

***I also forgot to take a picture of this step, but I lined the back board with peel and stick contact paper (the kind you can line drawers with) that matched my awesome aforementioned indoor/outdoor rug! $6, about 30 minutes and SO CUTE.

Now to this part: I originally bought this glaze after watching this video  To have it match my dining set, I antiqued the hutch, using her technique which is AWESOME. She is more tedious than I am, I just slap it on there and wipe it off, but this stuff is so so great. It's about $12 and I have used it for several projects with more than half left. Get. This. Stuff.

And here we have it! I was able to move my Grandmother's antique heirloom plates from above my kitchen cabinets and now I feel like they have the stage they deserve. I am so happy with how all of this turned out, it makes me smile just walking into my kitchen!! So bright and airy, and so cheap!

Hutch: $12 yard sale
Paint: $7 (two sample pints from Lowe's)  + Unsanded grout I had for the chalk paint (read about how to do that here)
New Paint Brush: $6 (because I couldn't find my nice Wooster anywhere, until I got home. :(  )
Glaze: Had it on hand
Contact Paper: $6

Grand total: $31.

Can't beat that! :D

I absolutely love how this all turned out, it is exactly what I had pictured it to be, after it was the Ugliest Thing It Could Be (as seen here).

I will catch up my bedroom makeover  post next!