Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bar Stools Revamped

In between sewing for my store, I have been on the lookout for some bar stools to add to our kitchen bar. We've lived here 2 years, guys.. I've been "keeping a lookout" for so long, that's let's be honest: I was just being cheap and didn't make them a priority.

UNTIL... my cheapness could no longer hinder me, because I found these awesome (decrepit) metal bar stools for sale at a yard sale. And for a cool $15 each, how could I not take these things home?

Rust! We don't see this so far inland, so I was pretty excited about that.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ugly Desk Hutch

Ugly Desk Hutch.

I couldn't help it, I needed this so badly when I bought it. Somewhere to store ALL my sewing stuff while sew for my online children's boutique. I needed it quickly, and this is what I ended up doing to make it somewhat decent: (spoiler, I hated how this turned out.) 

Yard sale find: $12 Hutch

Step 1: I removed the back and spray painted it:

Step 2: Slapped some Chalk Paint on it:

Step 3: Then put these (awful) wall decals on it. (I clearly regretted this later.) :(

The decals made it look cheap, the color is bizarre, and the backing is blotchy.

This is what I would call a FAIL. :( 

But It will serve it's purpose and be eventually transformed, I'm sure. 

*This tutorial is not a good one, don't do it, and I'm sorry for how uninspired it is. Let the record show: not all projects are victories.*