Monday, November 2, 2015

Better days for this Sewing Machine and Lovely Shutters

While recently shopping at McKinney Wrecking, I stumbled upon this vintage sewing machine that was pulled from the wreckage of a house fire.

I liked it.

They gave it to me for $15, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Paint it.

I just love the juxtaposition of painting flowers using this burned/ugly metal as my canvas. 

I have a soft spot for ugly things that were great in their time... Call me a hoarder, I dare you.

Anyway, here's the process:


Step 1: I polished it with Noxon Metal Polish, then gave it a buff with some sandpaper.

Looking better already!

Then I pulled out my acrylic paint collection and went to town making 5 hydrangeas come to life.

I loved the way it turned out, and have gotten bored with my previous "Over the Cabinet" look, so I added the white shutters I also got at the local shop as my backdrop (I just power washed them and they were chippy and wonderful) read more about those HERE.

Super happy with how it turned out, and the overall look of my dark cabinets with the white shutters above.

Lesson of the day? Paint old stuff.


Saturday, October 31, 2015

New Coffee Table, Reclaimed Barn Wood Look

When we bought our ugly super comfortable sectional, the one my husband clearly won on, and I wasn't willing to argue about... It was also time for a new coffee table. I loved the IKEA rustic made-over coffee table we had before, but it didn't fit the shape of the new ugly couch my husband convinced me to buy.

So as of right now, I'm embracing the ugly couch with recliners on the end, and realizing how happy it made my husband to have a super comfortable couch to kick his feet up on after a long day at work, and my focus has shifted to camouflaging the thing.

 Next couch choice, is all me, baby.

When I saw a super sturdy, albeit somewhat 80's rodeo-esque, I grabbed it. I knew when I bought it that it would get a makeover, but I didn't know it was going to take me so long! With launching my store, it made it very hard to do anything but work on orders. Now that I'm taking a break from sewing, I'm tackling some lingering projects.

When I heard about a really cool reclaimed/recycle material store here in El Paso, I decided to go and see what inspired me. I'll write more about that on a separate post, but I highly recommend checking out similar places for materials, it was so fun to look around there!

I perused the aisles/buildings and found the perfect wood. They were covered in bird poop, yes, bird poop. 

I started piling up the worst pieces (for bargaining, of course.) I got 5 pieces, different lengths, and the guy actually asked me if I was sure I wanted them, they were that bad. So he gave me them for a steal, $7!

(As you can see here: Bird Poop errywhere.)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

McKinney Wrecking Finds

I've always said, you can make it feel like home, no matter where you live so long as you find things to love. 

Well, El Paso, you've done it again.

If you drive along Interstate-10 East along the Texas/Mexico border, you will see the University of Texas El Paso to your left and a giant fence to your right, dividing us from the border. But just as you pass UTEP, you'll also see this glorious brick building that is literally falling down/eroding away. I've lived here nearly 4 years, and I just assumed it was a faulty old building, with a cool sign, decaying away.

But as it turns out, they actually moved it to another location, and you can shop their odds/ends of reclaimed furniture/doors/windows/shutters/bricks/wood/metal YOU NAME IT from old buildings. It took me about 6 months to finally get to go (it was a 20 minute drive, I can't believe I put it off that long). If you're ever in El Paso, check it out! 6966 Market Ave, El Paso, TX 79915
They were totally gracious and helpful and I plan on doing many more excursions there. Yet another unique place that makes me really appreciate where God has me right now.

I found these AWESOME treasures:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bar Stools Saga Pt 2

Remember Pt. 1 of the Bar Stool Saga? Here's Pt 2. Just because I hate to not tidy up loose ends.

I ended up grabbing these on the clearance end cap at Target for $35 EACH! They had 3, and I basically stood by them until I could secure a Target employee to help me bring them to the front. I may have been saying "these are mine... these are mine..." to anyone who made eye contact with me. Maybe.

Anywho, seeing as my dining room is definitely NOT stark white (although I play with the idea of this all the time and wish it was somteimtes, don't tell my husband), I was going to have to make these look older somehow.

So here's what I did!

Step 1: Remove all the pieces from the box.

 Step 2, I had some left over spray paint from another project, so I decided to have the seats have a metallic look:

Step 3: After the seats have dried, attach to the stools.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Revamping a vintage family heirloom dinette: Chalk Painting AntiquingFurniture

I had originally started this post, to share my transformation (of yes, my SECOND dining set and buffet), but then life/etc got in the way and this post just sat here. Well I'm going to finish it today, seeing as I added even more! :D

So, originally, I had transformed this set:

Which you can read about HERE.

And just when life was peachy keen, my mother in law made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

They have had this set FOR-FREAKIN-EVER, since before my husband was born, and knowing her (OCD in the best way), it was in amazing shape. I mean, not a single flaw. Even had the cover for it, which if you know her, all you're thinking is "Of course she did."

And for the grand price of FREE, how could I not?

Such gorgeous details:

Quite honestly, I could have just recovered the chairs and it would have been amazing... but I REALLY love the french provincial farm-table look. With each step I felt so guilty: but I painted it. And sanded it. And stripped it, and stained it. And sealed it. And recovered it with $40/yard velvet fabric (that I got for $8!/yard on sale). I also bought an indoor/outdoor rug from Target... Wanna make a cheap/dramatic change in your dining room? Buy one of these puppies. The wrinkles were out in about a week, I can sweep it (thank the HEAVENS with my toddler who is very much into experiencing her food while she eats it.) And once a week I vacuum it on a low setting.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Prepare for a Workout : Tips

I have had so many people email me asking me to blog about how I prepare for my workouts (like these ones) which was similar during my pregnancy fitness journey preparations and my overall fitness journey. 

I've compiled a list of questions that are most asked via email, all regarding my workout regime. 

1. What foods do you eat pre workout?

I have been working out at a cross fit gym in addition to weight training, so depending on my workout, these can change. If I'm working out in the morning, I skip coffee so I don't feel weighted down. I like to eat a light protein/carb combo snack before working out (like a scrambled egg on a slice of toast) or a protein bar, like the Coco nutty Break Out bar, (my favorite!). Nothing is worse than doing a ton of cardio at a crossfit class and regretting eating something heavy or on the contrast, eating something too light and having several rounds of lifting to get through. So try to eat something rich in nutrients/energy. 

While not pregnant, I started drinking a pre workout, and yes, you can workout without it, but... why would you want to? I'll take any boost I can get to get prepared for my workout! (Especially if I have skipped my coffee!) If you've never tried a pre workout, check out on of the market's cleanest, Eat The Bear Preworkouts. 

2. What music do you listen to during your workout?

Worship music, I have for years! Often, I'm rushing out the door with 3 kids and a list a mile long of things I have to do throughout the day, leaving little time for bible studying/worship time. For that reason, I have my playlist of my favorite worship music. I find that connecting my passions gives me perseverance that is unmatched by any other type of music. The perspective in some songs is exactly what I need to hear/feel when I'm working out, in such a divine way. Just being able to meditate through a song, or pray while I'm working out, or literally raise my arms while I'm running in gratitude for the ability to do so, gives me such an unparalleled boost that once I combined the two,  I've had a hard time working out without my beats and some indie-ish worship tunes. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ready to Ship Luxe Line

One of the hardest parts of owning a creative business, is that in the interest of creating clothing/accessories for children, I must first come up with a design, then create patterns in order to offer a variety of sizes. Because of this, it's easy to stay within certain patterns I have created. With orders coming in daily, however grateful I am, I sometimes long for a week to just get creative. Try this, or that... without having the cloud over my head reminding myself that if I want to have the item in my store, I must tediously create several sizes of patterns for it.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sewing... Business... Busy!

 I've been so busy with my Etsy Store that I have had very little time to do much else! (Bible study, coaching, starting at a new gym and raising 3 little people also has had my hands a little full lately!)

Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit of what I've been up to!

I started with making bows:

Bows... Bows... Bows.... 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bar Stools Revamped

In between sewing for my store, I have been on the lookout for some bar stools to add to our kitchen bar. We've lived here 2 years, guys.. I've been "keeping a lookout" for so long, that's let's be honest: I was just being cheap and didn't make them a priority.

UNTIL... my cheapness could no longer hinder me, because I found these awesome (decrepit) metal bar stools for sale at a yard sale. And for a cool $15 each, how could I not take these things home?

Rust! We don't see this so far inland, so I was pretty excited about that.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ugly Desk Hutch

Ugly Desk Hutch.

I couldn't help it, I needed this so badly when I bought it. Somewhere to store ALL my sewing stuff while sew for my online children's boutique. I needed it quickly, and this is what I ended up doing to make it somewhat decent: (spoiler, I hated how this turned out.) 

Yard sale find: $12 Hutch

Step 1: I removed the back and spray painted it:

Step 2: Slapped some Chalk Paint on it:

Step 3: Then put these (awful) wall decals on it. (I clearly regretted this later.) :(

The decals made it look cheap, the color is bizarre, and the backing is blotchy.

This is what I would call a FAIL. :( 

But It will serve it's purpose and be eventually transformed, I'm sure. 

*This tutorial is not a good one, don't do it, and I'm sorry for how uninspired it is. Let the record show: not all projects are victories.*