Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Making a Kitchen Island from a Desk

So I've been sewing almost everyday for my store (which I love), but a couple weeks ago I got the crazy idea to make my old desk/foyer table into a kitchen island.. and this is how it turned out:

Remember this desk? I added the wood slats to a regular parsons desk and it's been serving as a entry table at our new house.

Until I put it in my kitchen and the wheels got turning... I decided to try making this thing into a kitchen island. 

So off to Lowe's I went with my 2 girls... Lily was my lovely assistant for the day:

I got 4 boards cut, and some edge trims to fit on the sides.

I tacked them all on with glue/nails:

Then spray painted the white to black:

Then I used a poly resin for the top (which was AWFUL and I will NEVER do again.)

Yep, those are baby fingers:

Overall, I've got to say, this wasn't a huge win. It was a lot of work (and EXPENSIVE) and I'm not too excited about the end result. But if you decide to do this, this is a relatively simple way to do it. :) 

Hope you're all getting ready for Turkey Day like we are! Christmas (I said it) is just around the corner!