Thursday, October 23, 2014

Catwoman Costume Draping

Since starting my new store, I've had such little time to sew, I was beyond thrilled to get started on something completely out of left field.

Saying sewing for Halloween is my favorite is such an understatement. I love it more than any other kind of sewing there is. There's just nothing more satisfying than having a creative idea and going for it. No pattern, no instructions... Just real and pure figuring it out as you go along.

This year was no exception... When we decided we were going to go with a family theme of DC super heroes, I knew I had to be Catwoman. The only cat woman I deem worthy of a costume inspiration was of course the Catwoman of my childhood: Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns (1992). 

She makes her cat suit out of a trench coat, guys. If that doesn't say she's my super hero spirit animal, I don't know what does. (Ironic, considering I'm deathly afraid of cats. I. hate. Cats.)


I got to work draping. I got this terrible-to-work-with awesome PVC black vinyl from Joann's Fabrics and went to work. The trick with this fabric is not to bend it too much, it wrinkles and ruins if you do.

I initially had PVC sleeves, but I seriously couldn't move in it. It was like a cruel joke trying to get it on/off... So that had to go PRONTO.

Pardon my messy room. Sewing tends to take over.

Luckily, thanks to my budding bow headbands business, I had plenty of black jersey to slap on the sleeves. Piece of cake. 

The end result was AWESOME! I had a blast making it, and wish I could make crazy outfits everyday... I just don't want my kids to need therapy when they're older.

I made Lily's "Poison Ivy," costume from scratch. I swapped Everly's tutu-skirt for the same fabric as Lily's dress (the tutu it came with was a glittery hot-mess. Nothankyou.) And of course took advantage of the fact that you can get a Batman costume for an 8 year just about anywhere for cheaper than if I made it. 

Here we are headed to a costume birthday party:

I absolutely love the top, but the corset is the best part:

Back view: It has a full zipper for the top, the corset ties to close.

Action Shot for good measure: MEOW!

Overall I couldn't be more pleased with the result. The "slick look" leggings and gloves I got on, and I made the ears with alligator clips and leather remnants with hot glue. The white stitches are painted on with acrylic paint.

Next time I'm going to opt out of the mask and go with some crazy awesome dark eyes. I can't wait to get pictures with Jerrod as Bane! I will share after Halloween! :D 

Hope you're all having fun getting ready for the madness of Halloween!!