Saturday, August 9, 2014

Racing Stripe Chalk Painted Dresser

I had been waiting to work on a new dresser for my son until after we got back from vacation. I ended up finding the perfect mid-century dresser to give new life at my favorite antique shop. (And they always hook me up with stellar prices.)

$30 for this piece. It was missing hardware, but the drawers were totally functional.

I decided to paint it gray with a "hulk green" racing stripes, since he has a huge Hulk fathead on his wall. 

(Sorry for the crappy photos, my camera was charging so I had to use my phone) 

If you want this look, it's pretty simple. Just paint your stripe first, wait for it to dry, then tape your racing stripes with paint tape. Then paint your main color around the tape, and pull the tape off before it dries. Piece of cake!

I used chalk paint, my tutorial for that is here: 

I'm really pleased with the final result! 
Happy Saturday!