Thursday, September 4, 2014

Little Red Dress

I have had a rough couple of weeks. Luckily for me, sewing and meditation are synonymous. So I thought today I'd actually shower and get busy doing what I love. And wouldn't you know, I already feel much better.

Depression (I'm bipolar) is a tricky thing. Sometimes I have to use my ability and desire to create to fool myself into thinking I am OKAY, everything is OKAY, now pass the scissors. Today I didn't worry about the many (to most- little) things that are bothering me, but instead I worried about construction, patterning, fitting, sewing and each step in between. All the while, finding myself more and more comforted by my powerful God, making him back to the all-knowing Father I know him to be, yet sometimes forget.

I have had this red lace fabric for 12 years.


I was actually given it by my mom's friend as she was clearing out her late mother's sewing stuff. (Turns out when you're the only person that everyone knows that sews, you get hooked up with some pretty fantastic vintage stuff when they clear out their stash from this dying hobby.)

It's had many purposes.. Even used here as party decoration for Everly's Valentine's themed party (window photo stream background):


As we were watching Project Runway (my favorite) and I was critiquing the awesome/God-awful dresses, my husband asked if I could just "whip a dress like them..." And I said "Ch-yeah! With a nagging toddler pulling my hair as I sew and pending dinner prep and football practice looming." (Seriously, I could be done in an hour on that show given the conditions I've taught myself to sew in.)

So I pulled out the lace I've been dying to use and made this little red/gold dress by draping on my dress form. 

 It's red chiffon underneath, the back is my favorite!
(So hard to take pics in my super dark closet- sorry!)

I obviously had to put a built in bra:
I also added boning to the sides to keep the shape. 

Moral of the story: Life is short. Use the fabric.

Now I have to find an occasion to wear this dress... Not sure it would be well received at the supermarket.

Hope you're enjoying College Gameday weekend! (I know it's all that on our 4 tv's here. Football has officially begun.)