Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gold Accents, Easier than you think!

I am LOVING the gold accent thing being so in right now. So as I just made my coffee, way before the kids are up, and I'm constantly refreshing my browser for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, let's have a chat about how awesome gold spray paint is, shall we?

I am over the mustard yellow accents in my room. I initially bought them to match the giant wall decor I had inherited in my marriage, but we recently changed the print to be more... Err.... Less single bachelor-y. 

Anyway, I had a handful of mishmash room decor accents/a lamp/etc that I wanted to convert to gold, and then after spraying a few things I went a little wild and started grabbing things from all around the house, (seriously that spray paint is a DREAM, it goes on so smooth!)

I started with some candle holder bottoms (this used to be a set of 5, after a few moves these are all that is left.)

And then I went for the gusto: 

And now here are the accents in action. I'm going to be working on new pillows, and a mustard print lampshade, but aside from those, it was a super easy switch from yellow to gold as an accent color in my room.

(Can't take credit for this thread storage idea, but isn't it cute?)

I highly recommend Valspar for their gold spray paint, I still have half a can left! If I see any cool shaped junk pieces at the thrift store, I'm totally giving it a gold new life!

This was all done while I've been waiting for coats to dry on the dresser, so I'll be sharing that soon. I went with the cherry blossom inspiration, so far it's coming out GREAT!