Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Completed Dresser Redo Pics

I finished this beauty yesterday morning.

As I mentioned on previous posts, I got this baby for $20. I added about $10 or supplies (no hardware was needed, yay!) And spent several days sanding/staining/chalk painting/roughing up/and hand painting cherry blossom branches and finally wiping Min Wax all over it for the the final awesome look. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 


Inspiration: (I can't find the original URL to give credit to someone for this, but I loved it!)


The top has several coats of stain and paint (sanded down and reapplied a couple times) to give it that super worn out look.

(Sorry for the crappy pictures, my DSLR is getting serviced)

Moral of the story, planning and just going for it paid off big time. Like I mentioned in my inspiration post, I was nervous to do the cherry blossoms, but then I thought about it and pep talked myself into knowing that "Sierra doesn't second-guess home decor decisions." (In pep talks I am obviously in 3rd person). And I am so glad I took the time to actually really think about what I wanted to do, it makes the end that much more satisfying... So make sure you have a game plan and try not to veer away from it! (Off my soapbox).

I've been sewing so much for my store, be sure to check that out!

Happy Hump Day!