Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Austrian Opera Shabby Chic Roman Shades

So my sister is coming to visit, and she will be staying in Lily's room. Her one big request? Make sure it's dark!

Well as you can see, her curtain valance and sheer panels didn't do much in the way of keeping light out. At all. 

I am pretty much over the "nautical" navy/hot pink theme we have in her room, so I was up for the challenge. I have decided that instead of doing a "theme" the only decor I never tire of is shabby chic, so I'm switching her to that. Here is the before picture (although I didn't think to take the picture before putting on her shabby chic bedding (target!):

Sorry for the poor pic quality, it's from my phone.

I didn't make a tutorial for her new drapes because... well it was a real trial and error project. I had some dark brown "Black Out" curtains I had used in our old house, so I decided to use those as my backing. The beige fabric in front it a queen flat sheet that I had recently had to retire because the fitted sheet got a hole in it. I got the fabulously frilly curtains that overlay from a vintage store. I knew the second I saw them I had to have them, and for $5, what a score! They were obviously hand made and ruffled. I couldn't even make them myself for that price.