Saturday, May 24, 2014

Patriotic Flag Wreath + Summer Challenge

Lily is sick so we cancelled our plans for today and decided to hang out and let her rest. 

AKA instant feeling of doom and cabin fever for my ADHD self. 

I decided to begin my personal summer challenge: make a dent in my awesome/insane fabric stash. 

This 5' tall filing cabinet is full to the brim of fabrics and yarn, organized by color. I don't know if I'm embarrassed or proud. Either way, I need to make some use of my fabric, some of which I've had for 10+ years. 

So my summer challenge is to use up as much fabric as I can without having to buy more than 1 or 2 extra materials. I haven't even mentioned my personal hobby lobby I have collected in my pantry. 

As seen here: 

So when people ask me, "How on Earth do you have the time or energy to do all your crafts?" It's because I pretty much have everything I need, so come nap time or when a bored moment strikes, it's not hard to throw together something. 

When you have a combination of super high energy, creative minded and a craft shopping addict... You're bound to get some awesome production in very little time. 

Today I decided I'd go patriotic in preparation for Memorial Day and Independence Day. I had bought several wire craft wreaths when they were 50% off, so I grabbed about a yard of red polyester (originally bought to make a matador costume, however was incredibly difficult to sew with so I scrapped the idea... In 2010 :X ) and some blue poly satin I had left over from Lily's Captain America Girl Halloween costume in 2012. 

I just interlaced the red fabric through 3/4 of the wreath, and the blue for the other 1/4. Added white fabric ribbon (left over from my ugly sweater project) and threw a bow on the side. Yes, I literally had American flag ribbon in my stash. I have a problem, I tell you. 

And slapped this bad boy on our front door. 

I didn't have to buy one thing for this project, and I only tied all of these fabrics on while watching Curious George next to my sick little gal, so no sewing at all! And I didn't have to buy one thing for it. 

So hopefully this is the beginning of many projects that will make my husband quit referring to me as a craft hoarder! 

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mad Men inspired: Floor Length Robe

There is no shortage of sewing inspiration on one of my favorite shows, Mad Men.

This week I was dying to have Meghan Draper's robe. She is far and beyond my least favorite character. So problematic, and seemingly unneccesary to keep around. Not to mention it looks literally painful when she talks (what is UP with her teeth?).

However, she has probably the best wardrobe designer on the show.

So, yesterday during Ev's nap, I decided I'd do my modern take of her latest floor length robe. I omitted the frills, did full sleeves and went with a dark charcoal gray (mostly because my dad gave me an entire bolt of this very expensive fabric and I honestly don't know what to do with it. This project didn't even make a dent in it.)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Football Jerseys: For girls!!

Oh baby, it's draft day.

Although we are still a few months away from official kick off, draft day helps fill the lull between my Lakers not being in the NBA playoffs and preseason beginning. (I know, I know, there's baseball,  which also helps fill the void.)

Well, fellow seamstress/football fan (oh, umm hey, soul sister!) we can also sew up some snazzy game-day jerseys during this (buttcrack of the calendar) time.

I don't know about you, but the idea of wearing a pastel pink shiny jersey to sport my allegiance to the purple and gold on game day makes my skin crawl. I'm proud to offer an alternative! If you sew, of course.

So this all started a couple years ago, actually. It was an unspoken sub section in our wedding vows that I would be a Vikings fan, of which my husband has been bred to be. Being that I didn't have a team of my own, I was cool with it. Although I made one stipulation; that I wanted a REAL jersey, stitched numbers and all, not the cutesy baby-pink stuff.

He said I could have his since the Vikings had come out with a new Jersey design when the NFL switched from Reebok to Nike. I put it on, and it was a dress. As seen below (left). So I made it into a CUTE dress (right).

Well this worked for a while, but as it turns out, I didn't like wearing it all day because the stitched on numbers were too thick to wear as a dress. They would annoy me when I sat down. So I decided to make it into a regular jersey top to wear with jeans/shorts as seen below (right).

I shortened the sleeves and just hemmed the bottom as it was. So if you're going from a huge jersey to a girl size, you can do the same by following the steps I will show for the new jersey dress, then just hemming the bottom to be a shirt instead.