Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring cleaning: Cheap & Easy - Closet Organization

Yep. It's official. I've gotten lost in my mania... again.

It all started with clearing out some of my clothes to give away... When I was overwhelmed with the mess that was my closet. I started making a pile.. which somehow morphed into a full-fledge organization manic-episode.

I had put off this disaster of a closet and it was time to face the music.



Here is the clutter filled embarassing "Before" pictures:


Jerrod's got the back wall while I have the side.

My stacks of clothes above ARE organized (skirts, shorts, etc) but you can't really tell since they are just piled and piled on each other. It literally ate at my soul trying to pull out a pair of shorts. Every. Time.

I'm literally hanging my head in shame as I type.
I bought these shoe rack shelves (like $13 each, I ended up buying 3 more after assembling thoe 4 and realizing I needed more.)





They were very simple to put together. I would recommend them.. Super cheap and easy.
I also got a cheapy window curtain rod to hang my scarves on.
I then stacked them using the stacking dowels they came with, and spent 2 days of my room looking like a closet threw up in it... Organzing and folding everything I wanted to go on them. I moved all our sweaters/heaving knits above onto the shelves.
And here is the AFTER! Hallelujah!
The Brown/White Chevron is canvas just thumbtacked to the wall.
I organized Jerrod's shoes by having the ones he wears most often on the shelves at eye level.
And the shoes he wears only occasionally above. Along with his massive amounts of golf clothing...
That he wears never rarely.

I also organized them by section, because, well, I'm OCD like that.



Tanks, White shirts, T-Shirts, Work Shirts, Short-sleeve collared, long-sleeve collared, hoodies, blazers.

My shelves are also organized by style.
Jeans Stack:
Shorts / Skirts / Pants / Hats
Then PJ's and Gym Clothes:
And my thick sweaters at the top:
And after all of this, with everything completely organized.... All I can see is:
Mis Matched Hangers.
YEP. I've lost it.
I've also decided to ban myself from buying J Crew "Perfect Shirts":
And Vikings Fan Apparel.... Like woah:
And here's a shot of the scarves wall:
And I cleared out a ton of shoes which made room for our hampers beneath my dresses.

Overall, I'm super pleased with the turn out! It was a lengthy process, but totally worth it. Now I don't feel immense anxiety upon entering my closet... So, yay.

Hope you're all having as much stress fun spring cleaning as I am!


xoxo, Sierra