Monday, April 7, 2014

Fun Disney Trip Reveal

We have been secretly putting together a Disney World trip for this summer. We originally agreed that we didn't want the kids to know about it so they wouldn't ask me every day, "When are we going to Disney?"
That would drive me nuts.
But, as we kept talking in code about it, we realized we were probably going to spill it on accident, and well.. How many times do you get to tell your 6 and 7 year old they are going to the happiest place on Earth?
One, actually. Especially if you don't live anywhere near Florida.
SO! Jerrod and I came up with a fun little scavenger hunt of clues for them after school one day. The funniest thing was their total confusion as to why we were doing this...
Here's how we did it:
I put clues next to Disney figurines (Dollar Tree!) throughout our house. Each character gave them a clue and they collected the glass rocks aka "jewels" along the way. As they went to each character they added the jewels to a little box. I'll caption each picture with the rhyming clue we wrote. Jerrod wrote most of them...
I think he missed his calling in advertising.
At the very end they watched a Disney World promotional commercial and we handed them a bag with Disney shirts and 2 jars, one that read: "Days 'til Disney" and "Disney here we come!" As they opened the bag, we said "We're going to Disney World!"
I swear that was the first time they knew what was going on... not exactly little detectives, but the most obvious thing was they loved the anticipation as to why we were doing this ridiculous activity.
They of course were thrilled and filled up the jar with the jewels they collected along the way, each one representing a day until we leave. So now they won't ask me when we are going, score!

Clue #1

"Hi-ya, Pals!
Mickey Here.
It's time for a scavenger hunt,
Your clues are near...
Collect these jewels along the way,
And go check where dolls might play!"

(Which led them to Lily's Dollhouse)
Clue #2
"Oh, Hello!
I hope you like my new skirt!
The next clue is on a tool to dig dirt!

(This led them to the shovel in the garage)
Clue #3
"Garsh, guys!
You found me fast!
The next clue you'll find here you'll find
Pictures from the past!"

(Leading them to the entertainment center in the living room)

Clue #4
"Alright, alright...
I hope you had fun on your scavenger hunt,
and it didn't take you all day!
Now go the TV and press play!"

(Disney promo started...)
Opening the bag of Disney shirts and Jars...
"We're going to Disney World!"
They were thrilled!! I'm so excited to meet Jerrod's brother while we're out there, (and his wife and their 4 kids!) It's amazing we haven't met yet, but I've heard so much about them I'm super anxious!
And here are the jars in action... The kids are loving moving the "jewels" each day... And haven't asked me when we're going YET! So... WIN!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to tell me if you take any ideas from it, I'd love to hear!
Love, Sierra


This turned out to SO wonderful. It did get hard to figure out how many days were left, and if we had kept up with it. To simplify, every first day of the month we emptied the "Disney here we come" Jar. That way, we could just check the day of the month to see if we were on track. So for example, when it was July 1st we emptied the jar, and added 1 jewel. Then from then on, like say, the 16th, we could double check if we were on track by counting quickly to see if there were 16 jewels in the jar.
The kids absolutely LOVED this, and it was a fun way to build the hype for Disney without the constant "when are we going?"