Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Old Furniture Makeovers

Hey hey hey! I know it's been a lonnng minute since I posted, and Sierra has been kindly posting regularly, so I am joining in, as I should be!

I decided to share some of the new (re-fabbed) furniture I have purchased. Sierra is a show off and does everything herself, but because I just am NOT that person  unless it's a super easy project, I found a couple ladies that have a workshop full of treasures that they sell after they update them. I wish I had some "before pictures" of all my stuff, but I only have a couple of really-terrible-odd-angled-pictures of a few of the pieces so bear with me y'all.

Anyway, when I took these pictures (over a month ago-- I have a disease called 'chronic procrastination, don't google it, just trust me- it's a real thing) the rooms had hardly anything in them, I have been trying to slowly figure out how to decorate around them. I am having an especially hard time trying to decorate around my dining set, I am fairly new to the the Dirty South, and when I see turquoise, all I think of is the turquoise Native Americans sell in the Southwest Desert (I lived there for over 10 years) so I am trying to figure out how to decorate with this shabby chic dining room with turquoise as the accent color. It's tough, I tell you. (I need Sierra to come live with me for a week and show me how to do what she does, but she's so selfish with her husband and children and refusing to leave them!)

In our living room, I had to decorate more manly, it's where my husband John goes to relax after a stressful day in the office, so the last thing he wants to do is stare at all my super girly (uh, awesome) furniture. John loves modern-looking furniture, and I love antiques, so you will see a struggle of our preferences all around our house. I love him, anyway. His demand was that it had to be masculine and be sturdy. Done. The dark chocolate "Rethunk Junk" paint these ladies used is divine. John didn't hate it, so he agreed to buy the coffee table and entertainment console/dresser. The coffee table actually fit perfectly in front of our sectional, so it was obviously meant to belong to us. I wasn't going to purchase these two pieces of furniture, but every time I came to the shop to visit my furniture the ladies were working on, these two pieces stood out to me. I am really glad I met these women, they are doing what they love and love to take risks and try new things. You can view their pieces and contact them via Facebook here.

Love the amount of storage in this piece :)
Here's the coffee table! 
The dining set took them quite some time to stencil, then stain, and add wax to finish it, but oh my, it's so original. The table top is just perfect. The best part of all these pieces are the quality and the fact that they are so solid. If you are attempting to refashion some old furniture, there are hundreds of ideas and tutorials online, however I recommend Sierra's tutorial if you are going to use chalk paint, which is all the craze these days. I used her tutorial when I painted my bedroom set and it was perfect. Alright, enough plugging our blog, on to more pictures.

This is a BEFORE picture of my dining set, the legs had already
been painted turquoise when I saw it but the rest of it is still
in the original state.

It just brightens up my dining room!

Such a pretty design. 
Side by side view of this cabinet, we are using it for our coffee and tea station now.

Full View of the room.

Recently we celebrated John's birthday, just thought I'd throw this in.

We are definitely dying to redo the floors, buy a new light fixture, and buy a rug and other things, but for now, I am very happy with  my purchases. I like having furniture that will last a long time and also carries a story.

Thanks for reading, if you have a refashioned piece of furniture, comment the link below! :)