Friday, March 14, 2014

First Birthday MUST-Do's!

After recently having Everly's fabulous Valentine's Day Birthday Bash... I decided to compile a cheat sheet for you all to use as my absolute musts for a 1st Birthday. They are easy and will save you time/money and you will look back on your babe's birthday looking like you put SO much more thought into it than you actually have... (air high-5, girlfriend!)

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I'm SO sorry if you have been redirected to a holder site. I've had a week's worth of headaches trying to renew my domain name since Google has redesigned how they are accepting renewals. 

However, it's all fixed! I'm slowly fixing up the blog, adding little things here and there... So you may see little changes. 

Thanks for your patience! 


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The New Mom Swim Suit

I remember it like it was yesterday (only it was 8 years ago), that moment I went swim suit shopping after gracing this planet with my adorable son.

I sat and cried, staring in the mirror, pinching my stomach and crying some more. As all my friends were gearing up for lake trips and vacay's with their girlfriends, I was crying in a dressing room at how my body had changed.

Whether you've had 3 kids (like me) or have had your first, I'm sure there are things that have forever changed since you shared your body with your own life changing (in a good way!) sweet heart. And if you're like me, the shock might have been a little difficult at first, but you wouldn't trade a flat/blemish free tummy for anything in the world.

However, that doesn't solve the problem that you'd rather not show off your "mommy tummy" to the less understanding gaze of vacationers.

So! As we have been preparing plans for our family vacation this year, I was feeling rather blasé at the idea of swim suit shopping. I've been caught between the feeling of needing an appropriate swim suit (no triangle tops, I've got kids to chase, I can't risk something popping out), and loathing trying on one piece swimsuits (I've never really had one I liked, I always felt like I should be headed to a silver-swimmers geriatric class in them.) What does one do if they are fully aware of their position as example to their daughters and wanting to feel just the tinsiest bit trendy and youthful?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Old Furniture Makeovers

Hey hey hey! I know it's been a lonnng minute since I posted, and Sierra has been kindly posting regularly, so I am joining in, as I should be!

I decided to share some of the new (re-fabbed) furniture I have purchased. Sierra is a show off and does everything herself, but because I just am NOT that person  unless it's a super easy project, I found a couple ladies that have a workshop full of treasures that they sell after they update them. I wish I had some "before pictures" of all my stuff, but I only have a couple of really-terrible-odd-angled-pictures of a few of the pieces so bear with me y'all.