Saturday, February 1, 2014

Master Bath Haul + Tips/Tricks

After living at our new house nearly a year, I finally decided it was time to decorate my master bathroom. Before 2 days ago, I only had 2 mis matched bath mats and a bunch of random towels.

That just had to stop.

So here it is! I will try to post where I got each item/decor and price (if I can remember!) I flat out refuse to shop retail, so this was a VERY reasonable make-over.

I went with dark/light neautrals to keep it simple and timeless.


Orchids are from Sam's Club (they're real! - $25) and bath accessories were given to me when my mother-in-law remodeled her bathrooms.

Double sink area.

Wall art is from Hobby Lobby ($20).
I absolutely loved these orchids.


Bath mats (Marshall's, $14) window treatments I already had, rods are from Family Dollar $6.50 ea)

Garden Tub


Mirror I had, glass bottles are from Hobby Lobby (filled with bath salts and bubble bath)

Tip: Lean a small mirro just about anywhere to give the illusion of a bigger space.

Pull backs were made with burlap ribbon and pearls from Hobby Lobby.
The trick to have a cheap pull back: Use a Hook Screw! I use a rubber band to gather, then hook the rubber band to the hook, then tie the ribbon/rope/fabric/whatever to the hook to hide the rubber band, and place decor inside (use silk flowers, floral sticks, ETC ETC!). Very little wall damage and super cute!
Plus, whoever created the Burlap Ribbon with pearls, I love you.



One last tip: Use an old wooden wine case as a cute cheap shelf! I drilled directly through it into a stud, and voila, bathroom storage!



I hope you enjoyed this little post.

Get inspired and get decorating (on the cheap!)