Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Re-fabbed Furniture Brag

As I mentioned in my last furniture re-haul, I was on the hunt for a new buffet to match my dining table (tutorial for that can be found HERE.)

Imagine my surprise when I found this gorgeous piece at the same consignment shop I bought my table at?


I made friends with the owners after showing them pictures of the table after I got my hands on it, and she marked this down from $175 to $120 (and said she'd deliver it!)

So since Jerrod has been working so much, I really took my time with it and made it just the way I wanted. I kept the hardware, painted the bottom and stained the drawer fronts and top of this gorgeous antique. I could tell someone had stripped and stained this, but didn't do a very good job and it had water rings on the top. Here are more pics of it "before."



And after:

The stain is still setting on this pic.


After I applied the wax finish.


It is now serving as a Coffee Bar in my dining room.


How it now looks as a set with the dining table!



So there you have it, you don't have to buy dining set together to make it look cohesive!

I'll post the Drexel chest table I scored for $10 (!!!!!!) that got an adorable makeover soon!!