Sunday, November 24, 2013

Princess Castle Pinata Tutorial

The day before Lily's princess birthday celebration, she had one special request: a princess castle pinata.

Living in El Paso, it's no surprise that the "it" party activity thing is obviously to beat the crap out of crepe paper candy filled cardboard.

I decided I'd just make one, because I'd be damned if I'd buy a $30 pinata just to have it stuffed and destroyed.

So, this is how I did it.


3 Carboard Cannisters (I used empty oatmeal cans)

1 Cereal Box (for tops)

Plastic shopping bags



Newspaper/Ads cut into 2" strips

Elmers/White Glue + water

(I've made some adjustments to what I did to make it better/easier for you. )

1. First, make the tops of your castles by cutting out rectangles and stapling them into cones.

2. Cut them to be flat on top of the can, and stuff with platic bags.


3. Tape the cones to the top of the plastic lids.

4. IMPORTANT (NOT PICTURED): It was REALLY hard for the kids to break the bottom of the castle, to help with this add this step:
Cut the bottoms of the cans and paper mache the bottoms with your strips of newspaper, wait for it to dry, then stuff with candy. This will help the kids to break it easier and allow the candy to break out.)


5. It's not pictured, but the bottoms should be cut, then paper mached (instructions on that below) before being stuffed with candy. Trust me on this.

6. Paper Mache: For every 1/4 C. of Glue, add 2 Tbsp. Water and mix.

Using a shallow dish, dip the strips in the mixture, and remove excess glue by running the strips between two fingers over the dish and place half-hazardly around the entire castle. Do this until it's fully covered. MAKE SURE to add a wire/string LOOP to the back of the castle to have something to hang it by. Tie it tight or punch holes in the center back and loop it through. Paper mache that area heavily.

6. Allow it to dry for several hours/overnight.

7. Spray primer the castle and allow to dry. Then paint it to your liking to look like a castle.