Monday, November 25, 2013

Cable Knit Boot Cuffs Tutorial

I woke up to this weather this morning.

So a sewing day it would be. I started making this:
Then decided I wanted to make something for me...
Remember when we made sweater knit pillow covers here?
I told you to keep the sleeves because I automatically started mentally planning this tutorial. If you didn't do that tutorial, get an old sweater, (with a stain down the front, is too small, you washed wrong and ruined, etc... that you paid TONS of money for), give it a nice hug and cut the sleeves off.
It's like ripping off a bandaid. Trust me on this.
Ok, now we have sleeves that are going to have a second life as fabulous boot cuffs.
I absolutely adore the thick wool sock look, but hate the wool sock feel. Ifyaknowwhatimean. Hot. Bulky.
No thank you.
So! Cuffs are the answer. They are adjustable in height for different boots, don't get crazy hot on my feet, and add another texture to my outfit. Perfect.
Here's what you'll need:
Sweater sleeves
Boots (feel free to use this as an excuse for the hubby)


1. Cut sleeves off of your sweater. Try them on your legs and decide if you want to cut them shorter or not. Then do so. (If your sleeves aren't felted wool, make sure to fray check the edges by either zig-zag stitching or serging the ends.)
2. Cut your lace to the width of your sleeve cuff.

3. Pin lace on the wrong side of cuff.

4. Sew lace onto cuff and flip. You can now add embellishments if you'd like. I added some jewels, buttons and more lace.

I tried mine on with 2 pairs of boots. And tried to take pictures. It is really hard to take pictures of your own legs, FYI!
I even tried in a mirror. It was so cloudy that my lighting was terrible.
How I wore them later to go Christmas shopping.

I am now going to buy a million wool sweaters to recreate this one. It was wayy too easy/fun.