Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome, DeAnna...

Now you all get to... sort of.

So as you may (or not) know, I have an identical twin sister, DeAnna.

We are pretty much your typical polar opposite sisters. I'm the neat one, the structured, control-freak, athletic, organized and neurotic one.

DeAnna is the free-spirit, wild child, tattooed, anti-gym, shameless and easy-going one.

But we do have the same goals... We are both blessed with being able to stay home with our kids. (We both have 7 year old sons and babies under 1, and of course I had to trump her with also having a 5 year old girl.) Anyway, we are both constantly trying to be the better wife, Christian, sister, daughter and soccer-mom... All while restoring the glamour of being a homemaker and caring for your family. Be gone, yoga pants and t-shirts!

Well, when it came to my blog, I asked DeAnna if she would want to write on it. Although she doesn't like and do exactly what I do, she has a variety of other skills/ideas that I don't. (We were obviously way too much awesome for one person so God split us into two, ya know, to even the playing field.) And she agreed!

So I am SO excited to welcome DeAnna as a writer for this blog! We talk at least 5 times a day and I think she is hilarious and I'm sure you will too. We are both extremely busy, so this will help us to have more regular posting, and an even broader spectrum of topics!

I'm slowly tinkering with this page to reflect the changes, but I was so excited I had to share.