Friday, September 13, 2013

The New Chick :)

Hey there! I just wanted to write a post introducing myself:
 I'm DeAnna and I was Sierra's wombmate 26 years ago, so naturally I couldn't allow her to have something as cool as this blog and not share it with me! We share everything, dangit! 

I live in Atlanta GA, I married my amazing husband John last year, we have been together for nearly 4 years. When I met him, I knew right away I had to have him forever and I made sure that happened. He's so dreamy, he's a tall Vietnamese dude with the best sense of humor ever, I couldn't be more in love with that guy.
My first son Seth is 8 years old, I had him only a few months after high school way before I was ready for him, that's OK though, I absolutely adore the kid and how he's blessed my life. He is such a sweet and funny person, he's got an old soul and I am so glad we have him. His bio dad is not in the picture, and my husband is a wonderful father to him.
My newest child is Kato, I told my husband the first week I met him that I wanted to have his babies just because I think Asian babies absolutely the cutest things in the world. After a very difficult pregnancy, Kato arrived, late, but he arrived healthy, so I was happy about that. Kato's a big fatty, I mean really really tubby. For being 4 months old, he wears 9 months sized clothing (so freaking cute!). I am very content with the children God has blessed me with.
We have a terror of a dog named Brodee. He's just the most stubborn dachshund you will ever meet, but my husband absolutely loves him, so we spoil him.

So yes, I am a girl just figuring things out one day at a time and I'm surrounded by a bunch of dudes. Whenever I do something I deem spectactular, they look at the _________ (insert crafty awesomeness here) and think "so what? big whoop?" I mean, they are guys, they don't see how awesome making something myself or cleaning something a new way makes my day! So that is what YOU are here for, to see what I do and know that you can do it too, and hopefully you enjoy these ideas with me. 
I am different from my twin sister in a lot of ways, most obviously by all my tattoos and style. My sister loves super name brand clothes and could probably shop at J. Crew for her entire wardrobe and be happy with that. I am more edgy, I like to wear weird things (currently hunting for some sexy tribal harem pants), get tattoos impulsively (most of my sleeve was just impulsively selected art), I'd have more piercings if my husband wasn't so against them, and if I didn't hate maintaining hair color I think my hair would be blue or purple or platinum blonde. I try to tone it down, because I am a mom and wife blah blah blah, but my spunk will show through, so you have been warned. 
Well thanks for reading, looking forward to my first real post :)

I'm ^^ this one!