Saturday, September 28, 2013

Felted Wool Sweater to Pillow Cover Tutorial

It's no secret, I absolutely love all things Shabby Chic.
I believe I developed this adoration when I went to visit DeAnna in Montana (where she briefly lived) and we were a little outside of Kalispell. We literally made it our mission to: 1. Get a slice of Huckleberry Pie every day I was there from a different restaurant. (Seriously, so good.) 2. Go fishing in the scariest of the scary places (Huge CHECK next to this one, Devil's Elbow, anyone?!) 3. See a bear. In the flesh. (We even baited them with fish near the hotel... No luck, at all... and 4. Hit up any/every little shop we could. It was October, and everything was just beautiful. The shops were unlike anything we have in the Southwest, so quaint and adorable. I was in love.

Ever since, I've incorporated a bit of the rustic meets sweet around my house.
Last fall I made 2 throw pillows from old Abercrombie sweaters I had hanging in my closet. I just loved them... so I have kept my eye out for a cool cable knit to add to my (growing) sweater pillow collection.
I came across this rich felted wool sweater, and just had to make it into a pillow cover. So here we go!
1. Sweater
2. Pins
3. Scissors
4. Pillow (to cover)
5. Measuring tape (if you're one of those!)
6. Buttons
7. Sewing Machine (duh)
How great is this cable?
1. Measure your pillow and make sure your pillow will fit inside the sweater. (Or give it a good once-over like I did.)


2. Cut the sleeves off (Save these, I'm working on a tutorial for something cool out of these.)

3. Trim the side sticking out (that would have led up to the arm pit) so it's not sticking out.


4. Fold the back over, so that it will overlap to the front at the top. Make sure it will overlap atleast enough for you to add buttons. Make it straight. (My swater was so felted it won't need a hem here... It won't fray. Yours may be different, you might have to add a hem here.)


5. Take the pillow out and flip it so the "right sides" are facing each other. Sew the bottom seam straight across.
6. I had to straighted my edge up a little more, that's what the picture is above.
7. Pin your buttons in place.


8. Make button holes corresponding with each button.



9. Sew buttons in place with machine and stuff with pillow.


Viola! Here are my sweater pillows, live in action.

I love that they are all a little wonky, not perfect at all.. It really adds to them.. it gives them character.

These will definitely be around the house all year long. Hope you enjoyed!