Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall is in FULL Effect!

Fall is here!!!!!!
Okay, it's not really "fall" yet, but Football officially started last night, it's September, and damnit, I'm READY!!
I thought since I have a whole new house to decorate for, it only made sense to pull out my Fall decor and see what I'm working with, then figure out what I'm lacking/needing, and pick it up in the next couple weeks when I had a chance. Yeaaah... that was two days ago. I couldn't stop myself. So... it's FALL! BecauseIsaidSo!
I was really only lacking Fall florals, so I picked them up last night at Hobby Lobby.
I absolutely LOVE how my house is now, but you can see how it normally looks here!
Well, since there isn't a tutorial associated with this post, I'll get right to the pictures. I've added captions of tips/tricks things I did. I'm hosting a giveaway in my next post, so get excited for that!

The easiest way to decorate is to clear each space and put ALL the decor on a table and take it piece by piece, it will save you a major headache if you're iffy about where to put stuff.


Pillow Slip covers are a great alternative to buying pillows for fall. I have my Christmas pillows covered here.
I made these pillows weeks ago and I've been dying to share them, they turned out so cute!
I used Muslin and a Fabric Marker with scrap burlap for the rosettes.





Scented Pinecones made my whole house smell like fall.


Adding one stem of fall florals to other flowers does wonders!


Mesh Wreath Tutorial can be seen HERE!


Happy fall decorating!