Friday, September 27, 2013

Everly in her room

I snapped some photos of Everly in her room, and just had to share.
I can't believe she is already {almost} 8 months... It has just flown by!
She is the apple of our family's eye, she has such a silly personality... And she has gotten so "stranger" aware in the past couple weeks. She just buries her face into my shoulder when she doesn't know someone. It's adorable.
(Her outfit is Janie and Jack)
(Mine is: Pencil Skirt- J. crew, Striped Shirt- H&M)
Everly Pearl

What am I wearing?

Blown Up photo tutorial, here!


Her eyes blow me away.



Loving on baby. I always try to snap some photos of me with the kids when I take their photos. I love looking back to their baby photos and remembering how I felt holding them in the photo.




I'm working on a blog post on making pillow covers out of sweaters, stay tuned!