Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mom Jeans Re-do to Highwaisted Studs

Contrary to just about everything else in my wardrobe (I'm mostly a basics/solids/classics kinda girl), I have been OBSESSED with highwaisted hipster jeans. Not owning a single pair, I was constantly drooling over them on my childhood friend's Etsy store. (Check her out at, her shorts have been featured on The Voice, in Rolling Stone, and on countless big names! Pretty cool, and a great option if you'd rather have a pro make some for you, instead of winging it like my nature basically forces me to do.)

I finally decided, enough is enough. I HAD to try to make some. And if it totally flopped, well, I'd have a great excuse to buy some.

I have to admit, going to thrift stores trying these high waisted, tapered leg, heavy jeans on, I couldn't believe how incredibly unflattering they were. I was definitely channeling my inner Kelly Kapowski. (Although she could pull off a potato sack.)

Zach + Kelly = Forever


I finally found a pair that was high and tight enough at my actual waist, around my belly button. I got these Levi's 900 Series for a cool $5.99. Jerrod actually googled these and found an AD from 1988. Score.


Excuse my hair, well my general look. It was a long day, and I snapped these right after getting the kids to bed so I could get to work destroying them.


I didn't take picture of the destruction/studding of these. I basically tried them on and marked the length I wanted, cut them, and made the back about 1/2" longer than the front. I distressed them with my rotary cutter, scissors and sand paper. I just hacked them up all over, especially on the pockets. Then I threw them in the washer/dryer as usual.

I bought the stud embellishments at Hobby Lobby. I'm not sure how they will wash time after time, considering they were just basic studs you push down 4 prongs and set, but for my purpose, they did just fine. I'm sure the pros probably use better quality studs. Once they were dried, I just stuck them in and set them in a half-thought out way. I also took them in slightly at the crotch area, about an inch, for each leg so they didn't flare out so much, it totally solved that problem.

They turned out super fun... Here's a close up view:



I was playing with different outfit options. You could really dress them up for a date night, like I was playing with here:





However, what I will most likely wear them for the most (and what I was excited to have them for) is GAME DAY! I've got a huge purple/Vikings shirt/jersey section of my closet, and now I have some cute shorts to wear them with! (Shirt is a maternity Vikings shirt I had that I cropped):


These were probably the most fun project I've done recently... I love a good challenge, and I've never really bought something for the sole intention of destroying it... and I'd never worked with studs before, so that was fun! If you decide to tackle this challenge, comment and tell me how it went!