Thursday, August 15, 2013

Long Skirt Flop - Refashioned to Dress


What happens when you are vaguely watching a movie, facetiming with your sister, drinking wine and sewing a simple long skirt?

Mistakes. Stupid, rookie mistakes.



I got a 2.5 yard bundle in the remnants section of a really cute gray/cream striped stretch polyblend material. I knew I wanted to make a long skirt for fall, which I've made a million times before. (I will write a very simple how-to on making them, very soon!)

But this post is about the FLOP for the first skirt I made.

I wasn't paying attention when I was cutting out my pieces and didn't make sure to give myself extra width on the bottom of my long skirt so I could WALK. I literally made the entire skirt, while doing the aforementioned multitasks, before I realized my mistake.

I had enough fabric to remake the skirt, with the added width and it turned out great. As seen here:


(How-to make this skirt coming soon!)



So, to be funny, I cut out arm holes on the first "flop" skirt, and walked around in it. Jerrod already thinks I'm crazy, so why not prove him right. ;)

I decided it would be a waste of perfectly good fabric to chuck the flop skirt, why not turn it into a dress? I added 2 darts to the front and back, and cut the top off. It actually seemed to work... so I continued, finishing the arm holes, designing a slight cowel/fold over neck line, and hemming the bottom. Seriously, it was that easy. In 1 hour, I had a new skirt and a new dress, for the price of $2.99 for fabric. Needless to say, if we ever have a Great Depression in our lifetime, my family will be styyyyylish.





(Ignore my Remote in all my pics, it's my most reliable photographer) :P



So when A.D.D life gives you a ridiculous skirt, cut arms in it, add some darts and make it into an adorable dress. (Er, something like that.)

Seriously, why am I not on Project Runway, yet?