Sunday, August 4, 2013

Football Wreath Tutorial

To celebrate preseason games kicking off today, I've got a football wreath tutorial for ya!

I tend to go all out for Fall/Christmas decor, which completely eclipses my desire to decorate for football! It's 16 weeks of fantasy football, Sundays camped out in front of the NFL ticket, finger/comfort foods and I absolutely love it.

I like to think I'm the perfect combo of extreme girly/crafty girl and sports fan, and this is the love child of that. Jerrod's old neighbors literally take down their Halloween/Christmas inflatables on their lawn EVERY Sunday and set up an extravagant Cowgirls Cowboys display, and while I commend them on their fan-dom, ain't nobody got time for that. So I'm just going to swap out my Fall/Christmas wreath for this Vikings wreath every Sunday. That'll do.

Supplies (All bought at Hobby Lobby):

-Rolled Mesh, 2 colors

-Wire Wreath Base

(I also bought a center wreath for $.19, so I added it, you can skip that or get a smaller wire wreath for a double wreath look)

-Lighter (to burn ribbon ends)


-Floral Wire or Sandwich bag ties

-Wooden Football (or whatever embellishments you want)


1. Working with both colors, begin attaching with floral wire/ties to metal wreath base. (As shown by my lovely assistant, Lily.)


2. Attach to each "peg" on wreath, then double back to the midway point of each peg.


(Here you can see the pegs being used to measure each "loop" of mesh BEFORE I doubled back.


(Here you can see how it looks after I doubled back to give it a fuller look.

(THIS DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT! In fact, the crazier/messier, the better!)

Continue around doing this technique.


3. Once you reach the end, hide your ends as well as you can, and cut.


VIO-LA! You can add a second wreath on the inside, (pictured) or add footballs/embellishments as you like!


While Lily and I made this, Everly was drooling away on her Viktor Viking, SKOL!!!

She's ready for some FOOTBALL!!! Skol Vikings!!!