Monday, August 12, 2013

Enlarged B&W Photo Tutorial

I have been in a MAJOR crafting mood since I have been prepping my fall decor for next month. I needed a break from sewing/embroidering and decided to try something new. I had been wanting to add more pictures to my wall decor, and this was the perfect way to do that. I am beyond thrilled with the results!! You would never guess it only cost me about $12 out of pocket to make this gorgeous custom photo enlargement. Let's get started!

I stumbled upon a pin on pinterest that said you could have your photos enlarged at as an Engineer Print. I checked it out, and YOU CAN! Typically used for blueprints, however, totally works for photos. (Downside is that they can only be enlarged to black and white.)
To do this, go to and register.
From the left side menu > Copy & Print > Banners, Signs, Engineering/Oversized Prints >
Engineering Prints.
To use the supplies I have listed below, you'll order a 24"x36" Engineering Print. ($3.59)
- Black Foam Board (Hobby Lobby, poster sized) $5.99 (use 40% off coupon on your phone at checkout!)
- Spray adhesive ($2 worth-ish. You can make at least 12 of these with a can, probably more)
-Rotary and Board, if you don't have them, use scissors VERY carefully.
-Command mounting strips


1. (Not pictured because I did this, in the dark, on my patio). Spray foam board directly/evenly with spray adhesive and carefully lay print on top. Have someone help you, and try to center the photo as much as you can, smoothing it from the center toward the edges.
2. Using scissors or rotary, carefully cut print excess around each side.
3. (Below) Use command strips to mount onto wall (2 for each board is plenty, one on top center and bottom center, I LOVE COMMAND STRIPS!)



HOLY COW WAS THAT EASY. And SUCH a great turn-out!! Everly's wall was missing a sweet newborn photo, and now her cluster art wall is complete! (See her full nursery HERE.)

I made 2 more of these, which I will show off in coming posts!!

Happy Monday!!