Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping Simplified

Every so often, it really occurs to me just how unprepared I was/still can be when it comes to taking care of my family. Things that girls learned in the 50's from their mothers are just not what we learned growing up. I have no idea how my mom prepared her meal planning for our family, and when my parents divorced when I was in high school, she had to work and I don't remember family meals being feasible from that point forward.
Dinner is the most important meal to me for our family. It's really the only time that we all sit together, in one place during the day that we are able to talk. It's also extremely important to me that Jerrod always have a meal to take to work for lunch. When he is working non-stop, especially when he is working every single day during a plant shut down, I like to think that with the worst of conditions, he is able to look forward to having a healthy/hearty meal in the breakroom at work. There are only so many ways I can make Jerrod feel loved and thought about when he is working 12 hour days, I like make his dinner a major priority.
A lot of what I have learned works best is probably no different than what women would practice before being thrust into the workforce. (And if you're working and raising a family, God bless you! I couldn't hack it... It's like having 3 full time jobs! You have all the respect I can send to you!)
I'm hoping my little blog might help anyone feeling as overwhelmed as I did when it came to meal planning/grocery shopping. It's now just a little less awful... (Seriously, does anyone enjoy this part of being an adult?)



Thursday, August 15, 2013

Long Skirt Flop - Refashioned to Dress


What happens when you are vaguely watching a movie, facetiming with your sister, drinking wine and sewing a simple long skirt?

Mistakes. Stupid, rookie mistakes.



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mom Jeans Re-do to Highwaisted Studs

Contrary to just about everything else in my wardrobe (I'm mostly a basics/solids/classics kinda girl), I have been OBSESSED with highwaisted hipster jeans. Not owning a single pair, I was constantly drooling over them on my childhood friend's Etsy store. (Check her out at, her shorts have been featured on The Voice, in Rolling Stone, and on countless big names! Pretty cool, and a great option if you'd rather have a pro make some for you, instead of winging it like my nature basically forces me to do.)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Enlarged B&W Photo Tutorial

I have been in a MAJOR crafting mood since I have been prepping my fall decor for next month. I needed a break from sewing/embroidering and decided to try something new. I had been wanting to add more pictures to my wall decor, and this was the perfect way to do that. I am beyond thrilled with the results!! You would never guess it only cost me about $12 out of pocket to make this gorgeous custom photo enlargement. Let's get started!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Football Wreath Tutorial

To celebrate preseason games kicking off today, I've got a football wreath tutorial for ya!

I tend to go all out for Fall/Christmas decor, which completely eclipses my desire to decorate for football! It's 16 weeks of fantasy football, Sundays camped out in front of the NFL ticket, finger/comfort foods and I absolutely love it.

I like to think I'm the perfect combo of extreme girly/crafty girl and sports fan, and this is the love child of that. Jerrod's old neighbors literally take down their Halloween/Christmas inflatables on their lawn EVERY Sunday and set up an extravagant Cowgirls Cowboys display, and while I commend them on their fan-dom, ain't nobody got time for that. So I'm just going to swap out my Fall/Christmas wreath for this Vikings wreath every Sunday. That'll do.