Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update and Love: Spray Paint

FIRST OF ALL... We FINALLY have internet! I guess I just had to whine on my blog for the wifi planets to align so the poor guy at Time Warner (whose personal desk number I gathered over our many, many conversations) to call and tell me our address was FINALLY in their billing system! I'm finally out of the dark age! So expect MUCH more posting!

I am such a fan of spray paint. For $7, you can transform the most boring/outdated/scratched/damaged item into something you can love again!

In fact, my inlaws told me about this Rust-oleum spray pain that dries as this really cool speckled metatllic. They had painted an outdated gold mirror with it and it turned out awesome, so I had to try it.

I ended up using it for a PLETHORA of things around the house that didn't go with my new aesthetic at our new house. I didn't take before and afters, but I really felt like this awesome paint deserved it's own blog post just to gush about.

I wanted to give you at least one before and after... I was able to find an old picture of our living room at our condo (below), and there you can see a very BRIGHT turquoise pot that I used this spray paint on, it's now a really cool dark brown, which I just love.

If you have the itch to revamp a wide variety of items go pick this up, go around the house and grab stuff and give it a cool updated look... and love it all over again!



Turquoise Pot in our last place. (Before)
Now goes with my neutral dining room. (After)