Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Nursery

So moving into a brand new build is amazing. However, waiting until our development is more than 80% built for Time Warner to get us connected for wifi is pretty much the worst thing ever. I've been making do with my phone, but it's killing me.
So I apologize for my sparce posting, I had hoped to complete blog posts as I completed areas of the house with tips and hauls, but I'm having to make do without Internet at home. So bare with me.
Anyway, I was able to complete Everly's nursery, for the most part. I have a chandelier that is waiting to be installed, and I am toying with the idea of wallpaper, but we will see about that. Here it is!

I am so glad we opted for the 4 bedroom home. I feel like we could live here forever, without feeling cramped as the kids get older... Or not, either way, it's at our leisure if we want to move.
I have always been slightly obsessed with the shabby chic look... And having a new baby girl to decorate for was thrilling. Jerrod has put one restriction to decorating our room: no pink. So it was fun to go crazy girly shabby chic for her room!
The changing table station.
My awesome mother in law had this Poem and pearls framed for Everly. It is just adorable.
This shirt was actually Lily's Janie and Jack top. It now decorates above the changing table.
I made this shadow box of hospital and coming home mementos. I love custom details in nurseries.


This clutter wall art is full of things I collected while pregnant.


The flower balls are probably the first thing people notice when they walk in the room. I am so pleased with them!
Her name art was such a fun project. I love how it turned out!


And finally her toy storage is cute and out of view, perfect for my OCD tendency to hate clutter.