Sunday, July 21, 2013

Golf Cupcakes Tutorial

My father-in-law is an avid golfer so it only made sense that I would make him golf cupcakes for his birthday! Happy Birthday, Gerry! (Now, here's how I did it:



-Cake Box (any flavor, + items needed to make batter)

-Green Frosting (score! I didn't have to dye it! BUT, you only need a couple Tbsp. of white, so it might be more worth it to get white and set aside some and dye the rest, it's up to you.)

-White Frosting

-Wilton Decorating Bags (I'm using disposables this time)

-Wilton Couplers

-Wilton #233 Tip (I have 2 others in the picture that I didn't end up using, so ignore that)

-Cupcake Liners

-Mini Marshmallows (we already had these, but any tiny white candy/mint will work for the golf ball)

-Graham Crackers (if making your own crumbs, or just buy Graham Cracker crumbs)



-Scissors (to cut bag tip)

-Ziploc Bag/Rolling Pin (to crush Graham Crackers if making your own)

-Green Crystal Sprinkles (you can skip this if you don't have them)

-Cake Box (I got mine at Dollar Tree, it's seriously awesome and I highly recommend having on hand!)

1. Make cupcakes according to box directions. While they are in the oven do the following:
Fit icing bag by cutting tip off bag, then putting the inner coupler inside.


2. Put Tip #233 on coupler, and place ring around and tighten. Then fill with green icing. Set aside.
3. Place Graham Crackers in Ziploc bag. Knead them into fine crumbs. I had WAY more crumbs than needed, one cracker would have sufficed. Tip: Cut corner off of ziploc and dump into shallow bowl.


4. Place green sprinkles into shallow dish.


5. Arrange cupcakes on plate first so that they are as close together as possible. We're ready to decorate!


6. Start by removing your "bunker" cupcakes, I did 4. These are the ones that will be covered in a thin layer of white icing and dipped into the graham cracker crumbs. (Next time I will just get white icing, set aside a few table spoons for these cupcakes and dye the rest green. It was a waste to buy an entire container of white icing for this part.)


7. Place "bunker" cupcakes back, and decide which cupcakes will be your "green" cupcakes for the sprinkles.I did 3 cupcakes as my "greens." Repeat the process and dip into the sprinkles this time.


8. Now you're ready to decorate with your bag. The trick to making the grass look messy/long for the "rough" instead of the smooth fairway grass is to keep your tip at least 1/4" away from the cupcakes as you touch down, then squeeze for a 1/4" and keep pulling away after you've stopped squeezing. It will take a little bit, but you figure it out as you go. You can go over it until it looks right to you. Then, once you've finished the "rough," smooth out the "fairway" with a spatula, then go around the edges of the fairway with your bag.


9. Add the flag (toothpick with felt glued to it) and Marshmallow and you're done!