Friday, April 5, 2013

Chalk Painting Tutorial

Here's the next project I just HAD to do the day before Easter. So in between waiting for the stain to dry, I was painting this bad boy.


I have been DYING to use chalk paint. I've heard so much about making your own, and how absolutely awesome it is to paint with. Everyone says it adheres to any type of surface (because of the grout) and it doesn't require sanding or a sealant. It also has a really smooth look, that virtually hides the brush strokes (although I used a sealant so my brush strokes showed through that, boo!! Next time I will use a spray sealant.)
My husband cannot understand why I make more "chores" for myself. He's a real "go to the store and just BUY what you want," type. I am the complete opposite. I love buying things and transforming them into something I envision their potential to be. So when I bought this Broyhill buffet/tv stand on craigslist, with it's 90's style and gold hardware/accents, he thought I was absolutely nuts. Sure, it's ugly... but it doesn't have to stay that way! Luckily for me, he finds my desire to see the pretty in things endearing still. And I'm taking full of advantage of that.
I read several recipes for chalk paint, and thought I'd go with this one:
1 Cup Flat paint of desired shade
1 Tbsp Unsanded grout
(That's it!)
I wanted to go with a 2 tone look. I'm not exactly sure where this piece is going to go in our new house, so I wanted to make sure it was neutral. Home Depot sells 1 Cup flat paint samples for abou $3! So I bought 2 of the gray and 1 of the cream. I also bought enough Unsanded Grout to make chalk paint for the rest of my life. They didn't have any small packages of it, so I coughed up $12 for that giant box.

BEFORE. I already removed one of the handles prior to taking this picture.
The materials.
I mixed a heaping 1 TBSP with a chop stick directly into the paint cup. Worked perfectly!
I used a heaping Tbsp. of the grout after realizing that the more I used, the more creamy the paint was. I wouldn't use more than that though, to avoid it chunking up.
Chalk paint is known for it's creamy look. It's virtually brush-line-less, and I loved that about it! It also adheres to just about anything, so you don't have to sand the furniture down prior to painting. Double awesome.
I painted the doors first, the center one is a "faux" door, so it was a little more tricky to paint.

After 2 coats of each paint color, it was done! I sanded it a bit between coats, just in the areas that were slightly rough where the grout didn't mix well. You don't need to use a sealant, but I had some on hand. I used a Polycrylic clear seal I had left over from painting my glider.
New hardward, adios gold 90's!
I can't wait to see this in the new house!


I will be sure to post a picture of this in the new house. I think it will serve as the TV stand in our room, we'll see!