Friday, April 5, 2013

Chalk Painting Tutorial

Here's the next project I just HAD to do the day before Easter. So in between waiting for the stain to dry, I was painting this bad boy.

Sprucing up Ikea Furniture Tutorial

Most moms of 3 are happy if they can successfully color eggs, have everyone's outfits prepared to dress for church, and have Easter baskets arranged before midnight on Easter Eve.

Not this mom.

I apparently enjoy a challenge. And with moving looming in the next week, I didn't give myself any room to slack, Oh no, I went ahead and decided to revamp 3 pieces of furniture on top of said Easter responsibilities, packing and caring for a newborn, whom more and more is realizing that being in someone's arms is SO much better than napping in her crib.

This, unfortunately, is just "Classic Sierra" shenanigans. I blame my dad for passing on this curse of a personality trait. We are both huge hobbyists and DIYers. I once took down my 12 foot Christmas tree 2 days before Christmas because I got an itch to paint our entire great room in preparation for a New Year's Eve party. Issues, I tell you, issues!

However, in my defense, (can you tell I have been watching way too much of the Jodi Arias trial while completing my carpentry endeavors?), I wanted to complete these prior to moving so once we move in I can just decorate the house while the landscapers are outside, instead of having to further postpone these projects until they are done. 

So, as most of my 20-something year old friends can probably commiserate, I'm slowly upgrading our furniture from the college appropriate particle board Ikea pieces to solid wood lifetime pieces. Until I can fully do that, I will have to make do with the furniture I am replacing in time.

I decided to add wood table tops to 2 tables I have. One is serving as a sewing desk in the office, and the other is our coffee table. Both from Ikea, both black, both exceptionally boring.

Materials: Tables-

Coffee Table:
Materials cont:
-Wood. I got the cheapest wood Home Depot had at $3.75 per 8' piece. I had them cut to the measurements I needed. Do the math BEFORE you get to Home Depot, to avoid crying children and a MASSIVE headache. (oops!)
-Sander + sandpaper (60 grit and 100)
-Wood stain with seal in it
-Sponge paint brush
-Wood glue (or skip this altogether!)
-Drop Cloth

Step 1: Sand boards with 60 grit sandpaper, especially focusing on the edges that were cut. The ends need to be as soft as possible. You don't want to walk by and cut yourself when you're done!

Here are my edges, dust them off when you're done.
Stain the wood with your foam brush. I wasn't careful at all, I wanted a sort of "worn out" look.
Let them dry completely.
The tutorial I read used wood glue to systematically glue each board down. I did this, let it dry over night, and half of them popped loose. I ended up screwing them in with 1.5" wood screws. I highly recommend skipping the wood glue altogether.
I used Elmers wood glue, which didn't adhere the way I wanted it to. But if you go this route, start on one end and move towards the other.
The screws/Drill. I would just do this from the start next time.
The screws once drilled in.
TA-DA! For a $40 Ikea table, you'd really have to look to see how "cheap" it really is. It looks like it's got a story now. No one has to know that it's story is that it is cheap cheap cheap wood on a super cheap table... Except you guys, of course.
I used a 100 grit sander to give it an even more "aged" look. I love it!!!
Here's the desk completed. I will be sure to do a post once they find their spot in the new house!

We still (even with my ambitious projects) had a wonderful Easter at my in-laws! Eggs colored, Easter baskets presented, and dressed in our best. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your family!
I will get the other furniture make-over tutorial up next! Chalk painting furniture, ya'll!