Friday, March 1, 2013

Throw pillows recovered

I wasn't planning on working on redesigning until we moved into the new house in a month or so. But then I stumbled upon this awesome diamond pintuck dark brown fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby. I have no self control. Obviously... so I recovered the 2 ugly pillows I have on our couch that are serving to tie in the AWFUL orangey/cinnamon this place has painted on one accent wall of every room of the house.
The plan:
Materials: Fabric. Pillows. Button. Easy enough!
You will be making a faux "slipcover" pillow. By simply adding a folded piece of fabric to one side of the fabric, with a button, you are able to do this.
Lay your fabrics with "right" sides facing each other, then add the folded fabric between the 2 fabrics and pin. I added a layer of muslin fabric behind my grey linen fabric to make sure the vibrant print inside didn't show through.
That's showing the layers. Pintuck, facing right side of my other fabric, with the muslin behind it.

You will pin the 3 sides together before sewing, then the fourth you will leave open to stuff your pillow into.
Flip so right sides are facing out, then stuff pillow in.
Add the button, and viola!

I went a little crazy at Marshalls and bought 2 big pillows and a super soft throw blanket for $40!! What a steal.
I also got ambitious during the Oscars while the baby was sleeping and made 2 of my old Abercrombie sweaters into throw pillows. They turned out darling. I'm so excited to have a calm/shabby chic-ish living room in the new house! I will be getting a new rug and redoing my coffee table to have a rustic top, so stay tuned for that. I've been banished from shopping for anything else we have to "move" by the Man. So, patience! (I'm telling myself...)