Sunday, March 10, 2013

Name Pillow How-To

Not a Tutorial, because let's face it, I'm a victim of my own inability to stay on task, and this was a spur of the moment sort of craft.

Lily and I love to cuddle up in the morning while I drink coffee and she puts on Sesame Street and we flip through pinterest. We saw a cute idea for a name pillow, and she just had to have it. After glancing at my heaping pile of ready-to-be-used moving boxes, I decided this looked like a much more exciting project than packing. Not to mention our house is almost complete, I'll be in Atlanta next week, and I literally NEED to be packing as often as the baby cooperates, no.. this, of all things, took precedence.

I know. Shame on me.

Anyway, here's a brief write up as to how I did it. There are several tutorials online with step by step photos if you're a sight learner!

1. Either print out your desired letters to use as a stencil or free hand them like I did onto paper. Cut the stencil out.

2. Iron on interfacing to the back of the fabric that will be used for your letters. Then place letters on the back of your fabric (make sure they are facing the WRONG way, so when you see them from the "right" side, they aren't backwards). Stencil and cut out.

3. Pin them to your desired pillow fabric, and sew along the edge. I used a zig-zag stitch set at a "3" because it will prevent the edges from fraying and is much more forgiving.

4. I added lace to the edges of my pillow, that is obviously optional. Sew 3 sides of the pillow casing, then put in pillow. Blind stitch the open end of pillow shut.

5. Name pillow complete! I think it will go so well with her white comforter and nautical theme in the new house!