Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easy Flower/Anchor Embellished Wall Art Tutorial

This is my favorite kind of wall art... so easy and so cheap! I have made these before, as seen here in my daughter's old room:
In our new house, Lily's room will be a nautical/hot pink/light pink/navy and splashes of yellow theme. While I'm waiting on the move, I've been scouring pintrest for inspiration, and that always leads me to do some sort of craft... lacking patience, and all. I came across a picture of a felt flower on chevron fabric that I thought would be perfect. I wanted to make 2 in her room, so the other will have an embellished anchor on it.
They will go to the side of her window, assuming I hit the mark on the layout of her furniture!
This is my sketch plan for her room:
So to start, I ripped off the old fabric I had on my canvas stretchers. You can get these stetchers in a variety of sizes at Hobby Lobby in the canvas aisle for less than a dollar! My stretchers are 11" x 12", you will need 4 to make one wall art piece. They assemble very easily, they just slide together at the corners.
Canvas Stretchers
Fleece or Felt for embellishments
Staple Gun (not pictured above)
Let's make the flower first: 1. Cut our flower petals. I cut out about 40 from my fleece.
2. Set aside about 4, for the center of the flower.
3. Lay out fabric to cut out backing material. Place stretcher on top and give yourself about 1.5" margin of excess fabric around the perimeter. (I cut out 2 since I was making 2). Press the fabric.f
4. Use your ruffler presser foot to ruffle all the petals. This step is optional.. If you don't have a ruffler foot, you will just cinch the flower petal as you hot glue them in an overlapping circle on the backing fabric. This step saves you all that effort, so GET a ruffler! $20 on ebay will give you a WORLD of ruffler opportunities!
5. Look how nice that is.
6. Arrange petals in circles starting from the center, working your way out. Glue into place with hot glue gun. Cinch the 4 petals you set aside for the center and cinch as you carefully glue them to the center, being sure not to expose any glue. Set aside.
Embellished wall art: 1. Cut out stencil and fabric to be embellished.
2. Pin into place and sew onto backing fabric.
3. For both of the projects: Press one last time and start stapling. It's the same concept as canvas stretching.
Start with pulling and stapling on each side while pulling the fabric tightly in all directions. Then add 2 staples to each side of the first staple until you reach the corners. Hospital tuck the corners and staple down. I added ribbon to hang with.