Friday, February 1, 2013

Vintage School Desk Re-do

So there I was, nesting... I was clearing out bags and bags full of Jerrod and I's old clothes and shoes to donate to a thrift store. I gathered them up, and when I dropped them off they gave me a 20% coupon.
Lily and I decided to take a quick look at their glasses and other misc. items that may be good for repurposing when a vintage school desk caught Lily's eye. She insisted she needed it, because she is going to need somewhere to do her homework in her new room at the new house. (so dramatic... can't imagine where she gets that from.)
Anyway, it was $12.99 and with 20% off, it was a super steal. I debated whether I had the energy to even deal with it, but she was so excited about helping with it, I figured it would definitely keep us busy for the day... and I'm such a sucker for a disgusting piece of furniture turned fabulous.
So we headed to the Home Depot and bought our primer and spray paint:
Then we went home and took before pictures, and cleaned and cleaned it. I'm pretty sure I cleaned dust bunnies out of the storage compartments that were decades old. Decades. It was pretty gross... but like all great transformations, there had to be a low starting point.
Notice the big piece missing on the laminate covering of the top? I wasn't sure if I wanted to try prying it off the top, I wasn't sure how hard it would be to get off, and I honestly had no idea how to really do that. But I knew I was going to Mod Podge scrapbook paper to the top, and it wouldn't adhere as well if it wasn't smoothe. So, I decided to start chipping it off.
I immediately regretted that decision... but it was too late to turn back.
With my lack of tools, I started chipping it off with Phillips flat head screw driver that came with my sewing machine and a hammer (that was WAY too heavy for this project.)
I may be a lot of things... expert seamstress, baking novice, crochet queen... carpenter, I am not. I mean, I really suck at it. I don't even know the terminology needed to explain what I'm doing to furniture when I'm redoing it.. I'm mostly winging it from something I've seen on HGTV.
Once I reached this point, I realized just how bumpy the glued plywood was underneath, and I was going to have to make a trip to Home Depot, again, to get some sort of scraper thing to make it flat. Yes, I really said "scraper thing" to the poor employee playing charades with me as I explained what I needed.

But first, I decided to take it to the back patio and apply the primer so it could dry while I was gone.
So after chisling (is that what I was doing? Prying? Scraping? No idea) forFREAKINGever, I finally got it smooth. I then sanded it down. My poor back was completely done after this. I'm pretty sure the baby is sitting directly on all the nerves that control my legs.
Next, I went to work spray painting it. I grabbed a couple other things to paint to match her room, a picture frame and a mirror from my bathroom that was starting to tarnish after about 10 years of having it.
I then mod podged the top and added 2 12"x12" scrapbook paper and left it to dry overnight.

And voila! It turned out so cute. Very Lilly Pulitzer-esque. I think it's going to go well with her nautical, hot pink-yellow-white-navy themed bedroom. I added a mason jar with fabric embellished of flowers to the back with wire around the top of the jar. I am going to add a hook for her to hang her backpack on to the back, I just need to find a cute one.
Lily was very happy with it! She lost her first tooth last night and now she looks so grown up to me!
Price breakdown:
$12.99 - 20% off = $11 something

$10 for Primer, Spray Paint and paint brush
$9 for Scraper Thingy
$0 - Scrap book paper, Mason Jar, Flowers and decorative fabric I already owned.
Grand total: $30 for an adorable desk my baby loves and will get plenty of use out of!