Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Toy/Storage Hammock

Ever the organizer, I couldn't stand seeing the kids' stuffed animals all over their beds when they were toddlers. I made them these toy storage hammocks for their bunk beds, and they were so useful!
Although I used them for toys, you could easily alter this pattern to be the exact width and depth that you need. They could easily be extra (cute!) storage for your changing table, coffee bar, oven handle, bunk beds, bathroom, etc etc etc!! If you have a creative way you're planning on utilizing this (very simple) tutorial, please comment and share!
I'm going to write this tutorial without specific measurements, because it's so easily changed to fit your needs, but moreso go over the process.
-Fabric (I used 2 contrasting fabrics, a polysatin and a cotton quilt weight print)
-Ribbon or Fabric to make ties
-Sewing Machine or Serger
1. Cut fabric on a fold. They should be in the shape of perfect semicircles, the length of your desired total length divided by 2. (since they are cut on a fold). You should have 2 of each fabric, 4 total.
2. Set apart 2 of your 4 semicircle pieces, and then stack 1 of each contrasting semicircle, and fold again in half. Cut from corners toward the middle, as shown in the image above. I went in about 3" in the middle, tapering off once I got to the corners.

3. Put together like fabrics, right sides facing each other. Sew or serge them from corner to corner, as shown in the picture above. Then turn one right side out, leave the other with right sides together.

4. Press the opening 1/4" towards the wrong side of each semicircle. Then place the 2 semicircles so that one is inside the other, with wrong sides together, and the lower sides each matched with the contrasting lower side counterpart. At the seams, pin your ties or ribbons in place, and continue to pin around. Remember: You will need 2 ties on EACH side of the hammock for them to tie together.

5. Sew entire circle around. I added a bow to the front for decoration. Enjoy your new storage hammock!