Friday, January 25, 2013

Screen Tee Pillow Tutorial

With the baby coming in just a few weeks, I thought I might take advantage of sewing a few things I knew for sure I wanted for the new house.
For Caleb, the new house means a totally new room, that he gets to help decorate. I've given him the task of picking a fathead to go over his bed. You would think the world hangs in the balance of that decision for my overthinking-it 6 year old. He has been narrowing it down, and I'm pretty sure we're going to have an 6 foot Avenger, so I took my chances and decided to get started on some throw pillows that will be on his daybed.

I looked for comic book fabrics online and in stores, I couldn't find anything that wasn't completely cheesy. Then I got the brilliant idea to use Men's screen tee's to make a graphic pillow.
Walmart was the cheapest, though Target and Amazon also have them if you can't find what you're looking for at Walmart. I picked these both up $7.50/each.
I had a couple old pillows that came with my couches. We used them for a little bit, but I replaced them when we moved into our condo and the walls were this funky shade of "cinnamon" and I needed some pillows to try and match them.

Screen Tee (I bought the largest sizes they had in stock. 3XL)
Pillows to cover or filling.
Sewing machine (if you're brave) or Serger (if you're spoiled)
1. Measure your pillow. My pillows measured 20"x20".
2. Mark your measurements onto your screen tee, making the graphic as centered as possible. Make sure to include your seam allowance. I cut as close to the collar as I could.
3. Cut out your 2 pieces (for the front and back). It should look like this:
4. Because I was making 2 pillows, I used the first Tee as a pattern for the second tee.
5. Lay the shirt pieces with RIGHT sides facing each other.
Pin the sides and top shut.
6. Sew the 3 edges you just pinned.
7. I just love how serged jersey material looks:
8. Turn your pillowcases right side out, stuff with your pillow or stuffing, then pin your closure, and topstitch it shut.
9. Enjoy your cool new pillows! Caleb loved them.