Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lampshade Re-do!

Somehow when we moved, the lampshade on my nightstand got damaged. For the last year I have had it facing towards the wall, which meant the seam was facing the front. This conundrum made my skin crawl every time I looked at it... and yet I was somehow able to procrastinate a solution to it until this very day.
Seam and damage, be gone! Today!
I decided to use a gauzy material I used to drape over my bed and burlap ribbon to cover it. It turned out better than I expected. I'm not sure what color palette our master bedroom will be when we move, so these may not last long, but I had fun covering them.

Here's the damaged lampshade problem:
-Hot Glue
-Burlap Ribbon (super messy!)

1. I started by slowly pleating and gluing (and burning the heck out of my fingers) the burlap to the bottom edge of the shade.
2. I then measured my lampshade and cut a piece of fabric that would go around the shade.
3. I then glued it, pulling it taughtly at the back seam.
4. I then tucked the edges and glued along the brim of both sides.
5. There's the "after" view. I wish I tucked the edge one more time to hide raw edge at the top. The second one I covered was obviously much better at the top.
5. I added some burlap and some gauzy flowers and embellished them with diamonds and pearls.
Great tutorial on how to make fabric flowers HERE.
Viola! Piece of cake... Mmm cake... in my best Homer Simpson voice. I'm obviously hugely pregnant, don't mind me!