Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crib Mobile Alternative: Flower Balls

Yep. I said it. Flower balls.
I wasn't thrilled about having to try and match a boring white mobile to my custom crib set that I had made... I wanted something more feminine and sweet to hang above Baby E's crib.
So, I got inspired by Pinterest. Which, I have to say, is an absolute Godsend for a girl like me. Not feeling sure about an idea you have? Chances are, someone has pinned a great idea you can copy on Pinterest. My flower balls were derived from the excess of over the top wedding ideas available on there.
I digress.

I wanted them to be 3 different styles. Here was the original idea:

-3 Foam Balls (Found in the artificial flower section of your craft store. The green ones.)
-Fabric, Ribbon, Adorations, Buttons, Lace, Silk flowers, whatever you feel like using.
-Ribbon and Fishing Line
-TONS of hot glue
Again, I have to apologize for not having a step by step tutorial. I didn't plan on making one when I was making them.
Light Pink: I used 1 yard of light pink polysatin cut into 3" strips. I folded them in half and ruffled them with my ruffler attachment. It took forfreakingever. I then made a rose design by gluing each ruffled strip starting with the center of the rose and working outwards.
Dark Pink: I cut 1 yard of dark pink polysatin in 3" strips again. And made a TON of fabric rosettes. There's a great fabric flower tutorial for whichever flower looks you are going for HERE.
Silk Flowers: I first glued some spiraling lace around the ball. I then took a bouquet of silk flowers:

(my sister used them to decorate my diaper cake for my baby shower)
and chopped them off their stems and slowly glued them by clustering them together.

Finally, I glued loops to the top and hung them with metal hooks from the ceiling at staggered lengths with fishing line.

This project took WEEKS because each ball was so time consuming (and polysatin is so messy I kept sighing over the mess. My bad.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the inspiration and vague tutorial!