Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Changing Pad (with pockets!) Tutorial

I'm closing in on my last few weeks of being pregnant, which means I have been finishing up last minute preparations. I was packing my hospital and diaper bags, when I realized I didn't have a changing pad! My supersweetamazingandthoughtful husband didn't mind me returning the Coach diaper bag he bought me (I'm just not a Coach fan anymore... it lost it's appeal to me a couple years ago.) And I went to my favorite store, BCBG (outlet!!!!), and got a super cute black leather ibex weekender bag (originally $450!)
So obviously it didn't come with a changing pad... so, I decided to whip one up this morning.

This was the plan.

Materials needed:
3/4 yard Printed Cotton Fabric
3/4 yard Minkee (alternatives: fabric+batting, velour, sherpa, terry cloth), fleece)
1"x1" Velcro (one each of hook and loop)
Serger or Sewing Machine

1. Cut the following pieces:
-20" x 27" of each main fabrics (cotton and minkee)
-12" x 20" of pocket fabric
- (2) 2" x 8.5" (if using serger) or (2) 2.5" x 9" for strap

2. Serger directions: Pin main fabric pieces together with WRONG sides together, then pin pocket fabric (folded in half, making it 6" x 20" to the bottom of the Minkee Backing.) Serge all ends.
Sewing Machine directions: Pin pocket fabric to the bottom of the Minkee backing main fabric, folded in half, making it 20" x 6", then pin Main Printed Fabric with RIGHT sides together. Sew the 2 long sides and pocket side, turn, and topstitch the top shut.
3. Sew or serge the strap pieces together, and then sew the hook velcro piece to one end.
3. Following the above folding directions above, pin and place the strap to make the closure. Sew in place.
4. Marvel in your hardwork, adding wipes or diapers to the pockets! Enjoy your new changing pad!