Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Changing Pad Cover Tutorial

After my baby shower, I had several gift cards to use. I went to price changing pad covers, and $30 for about a yard of plain minkee with elastic was absurd to me... and so boring.
I immediately checked what I had in stock of my ridiculous fabric collection stash and I had plenty of cream colored minkee left over from Baby E's crib blanket.
I am writing this long after I made the cover, so excuse my lack of photos. I here solemnly swear that all future projects will have much better visuals for each step. Until then, try to see passed my cheesy drawings.
Like this one:

Materials Needed:
-1 Yard of Fabric
(I used Minkee, you could easily use something cool like oil cloth or even plain cotton)
-1 yard of 1/4" Elastic
-Ruffles (optional)
-Contoured Changing pad
(you really need to have it on hand to know your exact measurements)

1. First, Measure YOUR pad. My directions will be based off my pad measurements, but make your changes if you need to. These should be standard sized, but with different brands, they can be different.
2. First cut your main piece of Minkee. My measurements were: 29" x 40". Then cut along the dotted lines, meaning the contour lines on your pad. I measured the flattest part of the pad and mine was around 12". It doesn't have to be perfect, but it will help with getting the slimmest fitting cover.
3.Then pin your ruffles/ribbon/lace or whatever you're embellishing with down the cuts you just made. If you're not adding the ruffles (Ie. It's for a boy), just skip that part. Sew them back together.
3.B Cut 6"x6" squares off each corner. Turn and sew them shut, so the seams are on the backside.
(Like my hilarious drawing above.)

4. You'll now sew your elastic directly to the entire edge of the project. Keeping tension as you stitch.
Then put it on your changing pad, and viola!