Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby's First Crib Set

When we first decided to have a baby, we were going to put her crib/nursery set in our room. I wanted to make a crib set that would be gender neutral, that would match our room, and still be cute. I bought these awesome prints from and got to work. The gray print is actually the Amy Butler design I have for our current bedspread.

I first made the quilt. I still get a little queasy when I look at it, I made it when I was insanely morning sick. I had no business sewing, but I was so tired of laying in bed that day. Regardless, it turned out just as I had hoped... Although slightly more boyish than I thought it would.

I then went to work on the crib sheet, dust ruffle and bumper.
I will probably make a separate post on what is going on in this picture. I compiled some frames from Hobby Lobby and Goodwill to redecorate and have match my elephant theme.
Which turned out looking like this:

However, in true Sierra fashion, I changed my mind.

Shortly after I completed this set, we found out 2 things: 1. We would be having a girl. 2. We were building a 4 bedroom house, meaning the baby would now have her very own nursery for me to decorate.... which is much less limiting than to have her set match our room.... See where I'm going with this?

Make that three things I found out, actually.

My twin sister was going to be having a boy (yes, we're twin, and pregnant at the same time... and AWESOME!), so she would be 10 steps ahead decorating her nursery if I mailed this to her, right? That was enough for me to decide it was time to revamp my plans, and go FULL FORCE girly for my next crib set. After all, this may be my last nursery to decorate!

And overthetopsupergirly, I did. Post to come!