Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby's First Crib Set: Take 2

So, I had visions of frilly, lacey, satiny, vinage-y and girly, running through my head. I drew up what I'd like my end product to look like:

Which is obviously much different than the set I had originally made HERE.

So I headed straight to my second home: Hobby Lobby. I warned Jerrod when we got married he may want to consider taking up stocks in that store, because I'd be sure to be giving them a portion of his income. He thought I was kidding.

Anyway, I found some beautiful shabby chic prints and I just love polysatin for girly items. I picked up a few yards of each.

Seeing as how I am playing catch up with this blog, I won't have step by step instructions for these, unfortunately. However, I can break it down a bit.
For the quilt, I went with a standard 45"x60" size. The front is quilted, with added ruffle details and the back is plush/soft cream minkee. I declined to add batting on the inside because of how hot it is here in TX. I added cream satin ruffle around the edge, which I think softens and adds to the femininity. If you haven't invested in a ruffle presser foot, do it. Now. It's lifechanging.

For the dust ruffle, I used cream polysatin, wih added ruffles and lace. I made it slightly longer so that it would gather nicely on the floor, which I love.

For the bumper, I totally cheated and made a giant slip cover for an existing bumper. Hey! It works and it was easy! Don't judge me.
Because we aren't announcing the baby's name until she arrives, I can't share what Lily and I were working on in this last photo, just know, it's awesome and I can't wait to share what is over her crib!