Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Prepare for a Workout : Tips

I have had so many people email me asking me to blog about how I prepare for my workouts (like these ones) which was similar during my pregnancy fitness journey preparations and my overall fitness journey. 

I've compiled a list of questions that are most asked via email, all regarding my workout regime. 

1. What foods do you eat pre workout?

I have been working out at a cross fit gym in addition to weight training, so depending on my workout, these can change. If I'm working out in the morning, I skip coffee so I don't feel weighted down. I like to eat a light protein/carb combo snack before working out (like a scrambled egg on a slice of toast) or a protein bar, like the Coco nutty Break Out bar, (my favorite!). Nothing is worse than doing a ton of cardio at a crossfit class and regretting eating something heavy or on the contrast, eating something too light and having several rounds of lifting to get through. So try to eat something rich in nutrients/energy. 

While not pregnant, I started drinking a pre workout, and yes, you can workout without it, but... why would you want to? I'll take any boost I can get to get prepared for my workout! (Especially if I have skipped my coffee!) If you've never tried a pre workout, check out on of the market's cleanest, Eat The Bear Preworkouts. 

2. What music do you listen to during your workout?

Worship music, I have for years! Often, I'm rushing out the door with 3 kids and a list a mile long of things I have to do throughout the day, leaving little time for bible studying/worship time. For that reason, I have my playlist of my favorite worship music. I find that connecting my passions gives me perseverance that is unmatched by any other type of music. The perspective in some songs is exactly what I need to hear/feel when I'm working out, in such a divine way. Just being able to meditate through a song, or pray while I'm working out, or literally raise my arms while I'm running in gratitude for the ability to do so, gives me such an unparalleled boost that once I combined the two,  I've had a hard time working out without my beats and some indie-ish worship tunes. 

3. How do you switch up certain routines daily/weekly to stay motivated?

This is tricky, mostly because I feel like I don't do it intentionally. Some weeks I look at the calendar, trying to determine which days I can squeeze in gym time, and it's only 3-4 days, or a little time in the morning, or a little time at night... Because of that, I have constantly been challenged to get to the gym. In other words, what's more motivating than knowing if you won't get to the gym on Tuesday, you won't be able to go until Friday? That's mom life. I make it a priority to work out my hardest on the first days of the week, so that anything after that is what I like to call "extra credit." I think my overachieving/manic mind is showing through there. ;) 

4. What do you eat or do after your workout to make sure you get the most out of your workout?

I immediately drink 1 scoop of Atomic Vanilla Bean protein powder as soon as I'm done working out. This is out of sheer necessity. I often have to run errands after the gym, or rush home and get to work on my sewing orders, so I find that if I have a protein isolate, I don't get the hangries! And I try to drink AS MUCH water as I can. If I have a truly difficult workout (especially during these how TX summers),  I will also drink some pedialyte to curb the electrolyte deficiencies that can happen. 

I hope this helps give some insight on how to find your own fitness regime that works for you! 


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ready to Ship Luxe Line

One of the hardest parts of owning a creative business, is that in the interest of creating clothing/accessories for children, I must first come up with a design, then create patterns in order to offer a variety of sizes. Because of this, it's easy to stay within certain patterns I have created. With orders coming in daily, however grateful I am, I sometimes long for a week to just get creative. Try this, or that... without having the cloud over my head reminding myself that if I want to have the item in my store, I must tediously create several sizes of patterns for it.

I have arranged a special 90's throwback Summer Line (with collaborations with some AMAZING shops!). I knew this new fabric was going to be coming in this week, which meant I could take the time to use fabrics I already have. Some were best sellers in the store, leaving me with only a few yards to create with. Usually I file fabric remnants into my 5.5' tall fabric abyss filing system, organized by color, which tend to be forgotten until the creative moment strikes me and I peruse it for the perfect fabric for a certain DIY project, sometimes years later.

Not this time.

I carefully stacked some of my all time favorite fabrics, held them up to each other and let the creative in me sketch. Cut outs, lace, tie backs, tie fronts, gathered necklines, gathered bodices, bloomers, shorts, bows on clothing, parachute pants, palazzo pants... My hands could hardly work as fast as my brain.

I've titled these items as my Ready to Ship "Luxe Line," which I hope to continuously make time to bring back in between seasonal lines. I realized how important it is for me to create, time, piece, play and sew exactly what I want to sew sometimes. It will only make my store better for me to feel free to design. In this way, I am able to time how long a certain technique will take to accomplish, which helps me determine the pricing of my items. These items have had painstaking concentrations on lining and adornment, making them true their name: Luxe.

These items will be listed at 4 PM MST, today @ 


The "Tangerine" shirt dress / bloomer set is the perfect balance of natural feeling textiles, with variations in the weave of the aztec chevron gray / turquoise bodice ranging from white to deep charcoal, giving it such an authentic feel. The ties and bloomers compliment it so freely with pops of vibrant colors in the florals on a tangerine background. The ties cross in the back, along an elasticized edge, tied between 2 loops to maintaining a proper and comfortable fit. There are 2 sizes available in this style: 6-12 Months and 12-18 Months, though the model pictured wears a comfortable 2T, showing how versatile the sizing is because of the halter style ties. 


There are so many words to describe Vintage inspired cream lace overlay mint sunsuit, but the most encompassing: Exquisite. This timeless combination of sunsuit with lace is just as comfortable as it is breathtaking, a sure show-stopper. Included with the sunsuit is the matching lace headband with bare mint bow. With an elasticized back, legs and stretch lace halter neck tie, your toddler can be chic and comfortable. Only one sunsuit is available, size 24months/2T. Bow is a size 12m-3Y.


This amazing Navy Hadley sunsuit dress has 2 amazing cutouts, just big enough to show off that sweet soft baby belly. With a navy background, with white/pink/red florals, this sunsuit is perfect for patriotic cookouts or everyday. This fully-lined soft cotton, hidden elastic ruched cotton front/center bodice,  and large width neckties make it comfortable and eye-catching. It has such a juxtaposition of past meets present with the vintage sunsuit style and print, but with a an added surprise in the side cutouts. There is only one sunsuit available in this style, size 12/18 Months.


This "Uptown Chic" Parachute Pants and Crop Halter top is just perfect for the trendy toddler who prefers Vogue over Highlights. Okay, maybe that's a stretch.... but chic and casual are hard to master, which this outfit does beautifully. With a faux belt on the soft cotton charcoal linen pants and elasticized cuffs, these pants are just as functional as your toddler is active. The top is the perfect crop, not too short to look like a bathing suit, but short enough to show that adorable belly-button. The soft cotton throughout adds comfort and is slightly stretchy to allow for movement. Only one set is available, for a size 24m-2T. The pants can fit for a while as capri pants, until the rise is outgrown, adding to their functionality. 


This Darla print sunsuit features a large print floral with pops of orange/pink and shades of green. It has a versatile styling option with the belted front that can be tied in the back as well. It's such a nod to summer and gives such a feel of the 60's. The neck tie is a soft polyester braid. There are two sizes available in this sunsuit style: 3-6 Months and 6-12 Months.


This Wildly Chic halter sunsuit is exactly what you'd expect it to be: Floral and Leopard, of course.
This combination, while as different as possible, goes together so well. With the hot pinks/reds in the floral print with polkadots contrasted by leopard and soft sequined polkadots, you can't help but love this together. The bodice is angular, with boyshort style retro leg-holes. With a 3D prepped bow front, there's clearly a trendy babe that needs this look.
Available in one size only: 18-24 Months.


Palazzo pants/crop top on a little one, is there anything cuter? These fabulous pants are highwaisted, designed to hit at about the navel. The cropped Navy/Lace top is cut angularly to display the gather waistline and decorative bow. The vintage feel on the print is counteracted by the modern raw edge simple lace top. The thin cotton floral print is perfect for the warmer months. This set is available in size 3T only. (Bow not included.)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sewing... Busines... Busy!

 I've been so busy with my Etsy Store that I have had very little time to do much else! (Bible study, coaching, starting at a new gym and raising 3 little people also has had my hands a little full lately!)

Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit of what I've been up to!

I started with making bows:

Bows... Bows... Bows.... 

When I decided to get back to my MAIN LOVE... designing clothing! I've been sewing for myself/my family for so long, it was a pretty natural progression to slowly add clothing to my store!

For my Spring '15 I started with two very simple/precious sun-suits with optional peek-a-boo skirty's:

I like to add things to my store that I make for my daughter, Everly. She has been so active and loving starting to got "school" (aka daycare) so I have been making her adorable practical shorties:

And what I'm MOST excited about sharing is what is to come! I'm working on a big throwback collection for Summer '15. These fabrics will be featured:

Sunflowers, butterflies, daisies, clouds, neon desert, gang's all here! I had to convince myself to skip out on the aliens... Keepin' it classy, guys!

I will sharing those new items VERY soon, with some fabulous models that I have lined up!